Air Corsica Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Airlines with cancellation policies can give customers a smooth and efficient experience. The policy shows that you are still valued and doesn’t lose much of the budget reservation.

In this post, we will teach you how to cancel and get a refund if you want to. We will show you which airlines are responsible for their penalties and if the airline is or not, we’ll list out all of our other posts about getting a refund.

Air Corsica Cancellation Policy

Air Corsica Ticket Cancellation Rules

If you would like a refund for your non-refundable Air Corsica ticket, you need to know about the cancellation policies beforehand and what happens if the ticket is not canceled.

  • If we’re forced to reschedule or cancel your flight due to a delay or cancellation, we refund the returnable fare you paid for.
  • People who need medical or bereavement reasons to cancel flight can do so, but they will not get a refund if they don’t submit their medical proof.
  • You can cancel without penalty if the fare is refundable. You’ll get your full booking value, including tax(es), back after any cancellation fees.
  • The only returnable fare provides the right to make a claim at the value of the flight after you take it.
  • The airline will apply a cancellation penalty if you cancel prior to departure. If you no-show, the airline will also add on a charge.
  •  There are many rules that come with any ticket.  Depending on the kind of ticket you get, different penalties may apply. You should also read the policy that comes with each ticket.
  • If the ticket is exchanged multiple times, the extra queues will not be charged. The related fee will only be created if that ticket was submitted for cancellation.

Air Corsica 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

As per the Air Corsica cancellation policy, you are not liable to pay any cancellation or change penalty if requested the flight cancellation within 24 hours of purchase. Add to that, the full refund would only be applied to the ticket if the scheduled departure date is at least one week away at the time of cancellation. You need to fulfill the other conditions for 24 hours cancellation, such as –

  • Air Corsica does not accept future travel credit or reward miles from other airlines when booking tickets.
  • You need to purchase a flight via egift certificates since you didn’t make a purchase as this is not available for your airline of choice.
  • There should be at least nine people travelling in the total booking.

We offer a change of flight in 24 hours. You can talk to our friendly and attentive representatives if you need help with your booking.

How to Cancel the Air Corsica Flight?

Air Corsica has the website, in case you have to cancel your flight. They also have an office, so you can call them and tell them they need to cancel your flight because of a personal emergency.

Online Flight Ticket Cancellation

You can cancel your booking online with every airline. Find out about the specific steps to follow for each one and visit our website for more information.

Air Corsica Cancel Flight Via App
  • The website provides users with the option of booking a trip to Paris on a budget. The website is one of the first companies in the world to offer this service for people who like a good bargain.
  • Book a flight by simply entering the six-digit booking number and the main traveler’s last name.
  • Select the flight you need to cancel. On the next page, you’ll see what your refund will be based on how much Air Corsica charged for your cancellation.
  • The process to cancel the flight is easy! Once you submit your request, the ticketing agent has to send out a confirmation email. The refund amount would be credited back to the original method of payment in 10-15 business days.

Cancel Flight Ticket over the Phone

Call the airlines at to talk to someone about your reservation. The airline offers you support to help fix problems and get you a refund. You will have to pay service charges and cancellation fees in lots of cases.

Air Corsica Refund Policy

Air Corsica’s refund policy provides either to the person who purchased the tickets or the passenger named in the tickets. One needs to submit a copy of the purchase for validation and make sure that they followed all other refund policies as well.

  • If the ticket is purchased by someone else and that person holds a restricted fare, the airline will issue a refund to the person who purchased the flight booking for you.
  • When you forget or lose your ticket, the airlines will not issue a refund until they have received the said travel coupon or receipt.
  • If the event is cancelled or significantly delayed, you will receive a refund of the unused amount of your ticket in 7 business days.
  • Airlines have the right to refuse refunds due to expired tickets. They sometimes do because they use expiry dates as a method of “selling” overpriced tickets and make back their money on that,
  • If you need to change the currency in your flight purchase, it’s usually possible. But the airline might not have the same cash on hand and you’ll be responsible for any difference between what you were owed and what they paid.
  • Getting a refund is subject to the fare rule or other conditions the airline gives you, after you complete your flight check-in and we issue your boarding pass.

Air Corsica Cancellation Fee

Air Corsica Ticket Cancellation Fee

If you cancel before the departure date with an air ticket, the Air Corsica cancellation fee is 1500€ for a country in Europe and 2750€ for a country outside of Europe, per person.

Smart FareOpti FareFlex FareBiizz Fare
Cancellation fee (in USD)125175200225
No-show fee (in USD)Not applicable,Not applicable150150

Air Corsica mentions all the penalty permits in their policy, so you will not be penalized during the cancellation process. In fact, they guarantee that even if you cancel less than 24 hours before your arrival, they will offer a full refund for your reservation. Canceling a reservation is easy with Air Corsica and will not cause any problems to you or anyone else involved.

Seat availability is about to end for the Air Corsica flight of tomorrow. The airline offers good rates for cancellation and travel dates. If you are still confused, then you can reach out to the reservation office at and ask for clarification for the rights that you have as a passenger.

Air Corsica Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can cancel your reservation and get a refund. It is important that the departure date needs to be 1 week earlier. You will only get a full refund then.

Air Canada customer service is contactable by phone and email. There’s also a ticket cancellation page with easy links to places where you can cancel tickets.

Yes, as long as you have booked either a Flex fare or a Bizz fare. You can keep more of your booking value if you still need any unused days post the penalty.

If you are suffering from bereavement or medical-related worries that prevent you from going on your trip, you can provide the necessary documents by faxing us at or by putting a post it note onto our contact page.

Air Corsica

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Book your air tickets with the Air Corsica phone service. Their phone number is x-x-x-24. The person listening provides a problem solution for your travel needs.

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