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Air China WiFi 2022 | Does Air China Have Inflight WiFi?

Air China is China’s most important airline company and they’ve started offering WiFi on their entire fleet since 2011. They’re the first Chinese airline to offer WiFi networks on every flight.

Air China inflight WiFi enables you to surf the web for free. You can also check updates and email on it. However, passengers are not allowed to use their phones even in airplane mode.

Air China is the 8th largest airline company in China and the 4th most prominent globally with 200 destinations worldwide. Air China was originally founded in 1988 and has been a major player in its field for almost 30 years.

Not only can you access the Internet using your own device and watch TV on a wide range of channels, but you’ll also find inflight magazines, newspapers, classic movies and games, and music.

Some Air China Attributes At A Glance

Airlines Name Air China
Headquarter Beijing Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone Shunyi District, Beijing
Destination UAE, Germany, Bangkok, USA, Vietnam, Russia, India, South Korea, and 200+ others
WiFi Yes (Free)
Usable Device Laptop, Tablet
WiFi Provider N/A
Address Xidan Civil Aviation Building: No.15 Chang’an West Street, Beijing, PRC China
Phone Number 1-800-882-8122
Social Media Facebook
Website Air China

There are many questions about the Air China WiFi service, and we can help you find all the information you need. Continue reading to know more about the service’s cost, restrictions, limitations, and more.

How To Connect Air China WiFi With Your Device?

Want to catch a flight and stay connected on your laptop or tablet? Here are the steps you should follow to connect using Air China’s WiFi.

Some Of Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Air China Provide WiFi Facility?

Yes, Air China has a wealth of inflight WiFi available for their passengers.

Is The Air China WiFi Secured?

Air China does its best to keep you safe and private online. To improve your online experiences, Air China has certain websites for you when visiting the internet.

Does Air China Have Other Entertainment Facilities?

Yes, apart from the Air China WiFi network, the airline rents out reading materials for the passengers to watch via their in-seat screens.

What Are The Costs Of Air China WiFi?

You can quickly and easily browse forums, use email services, enjoy YouTube videos, apply for jobs, chat with friends and much more.

How Many Devices Can I Connect to the Air China WiFi?

Air China offers limitless WiFi to connect with others. You can take your tablet, laptop, and even your phone on the plane with you. However, Air China forbids the use of cellular phones during flight.

Are There Any Limitations To Usable Data?

Yes, you can use as much internet as you like and there are no limitations to the usable data.

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