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Air China Flight Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Air China has improved its flight change policy, which means you won’t have to worry about money changing hands when your plans change. You may have to pay a fee if you book with other airlines like United, but Air China has changed the pricing and it’s easier.

Air China Change Flight Policy: Key Highlights

Air China changes flights when they have a clashing flight, which happens a few times every year. Here are some policy highlights you should be aware of when considering taking a trip with Air China.

Air China 24 Hour Flight Change Rules

To reduce the amount of passenger annoyance and confusion, the airline wants to make things easier. That’s why it introduced a free change policy in its flight changes policy.

Air China Same Day Flight Change Rules

Airlines like Air China have a lot of rules about last-minute flight changes. This is definitely a good thing when booking a flight! It would be pricey to make such a change without first consulting the airline. For more info, go to

Air China Change Flight Fees

Passengers who do not make changes or cancel their tickets during the risk-free window will be charged a significant change fee for Air China flights. That’s the only time the airline charges a change fee. Here’s how it’s calculated:

How to Change the Air China Flight?

The options for changing your flight are quite varied. You have the option of changing your ticket in any way while still in the process of booking, with various advantages and disadvantages each had.

Air China Change Flight Online

When you choose the online method, you will save time and money. It is one of the simple ways to make modifications to your planned ticket.


Air China Change Flight Offline

The process of changing one’s flight is complicated. There are two approaches to this process: you can change your flight at airport counters or contact Air China’s in-flight personnel on the ground they’ll send your request to Beijing and approve the changes before you fly out.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Air China Flight Change Policy

Air China changes the flight date fee. Sometimes it requires you to pay a certain fee, usually though they won’t make you do that.

To change trip dates for flight reservations, go ahead and use any of the various ways of reaching out to Air China. Locate a travel representative or customer service number that’s available across the entire world.

Air China charges price changes from USD 100 to 350 for international flights. Before making a change, find out their policy before booking.

No. If you made changes outside the risk free period you cannot get a refund. Yes if you made changes in order to make use of your subscription within 24 hours after paying for it then you can get a refund from us.

With the Air China flight change policy, passengers who rebook a flight in 24 hours are allowed to make a free change without any additional charges.

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