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Air Canada Check-In – 2022[updated]

Unfortunately, it has been reported that the Air Canada check-in process is not safe from long queues at airports. That is because passengers must wait in long lines to do the standard check-in procedure. This increases the time needed for each trip and forces the hours off work for different people.

Air Canada flight check-in guidelines ask that you arrive at the airport early, as the process takes over an hour. It would not be wise to arrive so late because it’s common for multiple flights to leave at once and you can’t proceed through security if you were selected to go through it during a previous checkpoint.

Air Canada Check-in Times and Deadlines

With the option of checking in at the airport, it has become more convenient. Besides that, passengers can do the check in online or through mobile devices. Passengers around Canada can check their trips with Air Canada and Air Canada Express using our website and app.

Air Canada Online Check-in

Air Canada website check in is available to prepare for the flight 24 hours before departure, and the deadline for international flights is 3 hours before departure, and 2 hours for domestic flights.

Within Canada – 

To/From the United States – 

For all international routes including Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, cruises charge an all-inclusive cabin.

Air Canada Mobile Check-in

Passengers can complete the Air Canada mobile check in before their departure. It will be active 24 hours ahead of time and remain open until 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.

Within Canada – 

To/from the United States – 

With routes in Mexico and Puerto Rico, we facilitate our customers with flights across the Caribbean.

Air Canada Self-Check-In Kiosk

Air Canada allows you to check in for your flights from a kiosk starting 12 hours before the scheduled departure and ending 3 hours before the scheduled departure.

Within Canada – 

To and From United States – 

For international flights including Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries –

Air Canada Flight Check-in Services

Air Canada offer pre-flight check in services that include the following situations -.

Air Canada Pre-Boarding Check-in Zones

Air Canada and its subsidiaries operate flights inside several zones. Members of the cabin crew identify your seat when boarding the aircraft with their boarding pass for their boarding zone.


Zone 1 – 

Zone 2 – 

Family Boarding

Passengers would be invited to board before the general boarding and have the opportunity to avoid seeing a conveyor belt or other fees that can be charged.

Zone 3 –

Passengers who choose preferred seats, request an upgrade via the check-in counter, or purchase more capacity tickets are not eligible for early boarding zone.

Zone 4 and 5 – 

Zone 6 –

Check-In Requirement for Air Canada

Find information about Air Canada check-in requirements by reading the following highlighted text below.

How to Check in with Air Canada?

Passengers can access their Air Canada check-in features online, over the phone, and at airports through self-check in kiosks and the counters at the airport terminal or via a desktop or mobile app. Let’s first use step-by-step navigation to understand the different methods of check-in.

Air Canada Web Check-in

Passengers can check in online 3 days before their flight to make the airport experience better. Follow these steps to complete the Air Canada website check-in – but only online as electronic boarding passes don’t grant any additional time at the airport.

Air Canada App Check-in

Air Canada’s mobile check in allows you to quickly sign into the kiosk or complete it remotely – whatever is easier for you. This app lets you sign up for the boarding process without touching the kiosk and lets you find out what your next flight is like before arriving at the airport. Here are some things that you need to do when completing a remote Air Canada check-in request

Check-in at the Airport

The earliest you can reserve your pre-flight amenities for, is up to 24 hours before you scheduled departure.

Air Canada Flight Check-in  – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Passengers who know their flights are on time can start checking in at least 24 hours before they go, when they check-in online. If they have flight issues, arrived at the airport early, arriving at least 3 hours early for international flights and 2 hours for domestic flights.

The Air Canada reservation offers customer details necessary. Passengers must have a fare type, in addition to class and status. These are the following: International Business Class, Transcontinental Business Class, and Premium Economy Class.

 We offer the dedicated priority boarding lanes, ensuring people get onboard more quickly through quicker check-ins and bag checks.

The airline’s website makes it easy to book air travel. Guests will receive a recorded notice at flight time, and when they land, they need to print their boarding pass or baggage tag for a hassle-free travel experience.

If passengers want to print their boarding pass online, they can download and print it electronically. Those who use apps on their phone or computer for check-in can flash their boarding pass on a mobile screen.

Air Canada has negotiated new check-in guidelines that cut down waiting time for passengers. Due to the guidelines, passengers who have already been checked in will not have to be screened again when they arrive at their next destination.

If passengers are not checking the luggage, and only flying within Canada, they can check-in up to 30 provided that the passenger must complete their check-in online prior to scheduled departure.

Search and filter Air Canada’s available flights with the Air Canada app, or find your reservation by entering six-digit booking reference. Select the airline you’re flying and review fares for multiple options including flights, vacation packages, as well as bundles which include hotel stay options. You can also save your ticket to access it later on a smartphone.

For most international flights operated by Air Canada, passengers are required to complete the check in process three hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

For travelers, passengers should keep valid government-issued identification documents including the name and date of birth on hand at check-in so it’s easier to board the flight.

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