Air Canada Carry On Size, Weight, Fees, Limits & Restrictions 2022

If you have a passion for travel, you should visit different countries or cities on your vacations. It’s largely dictated by the people with you – how much you like how much people are going to pack and what their preferences are. The only problem is that sometimes luggage weight can be a problem! We only want our readers being informed about this huge topic, so we’ve provided some content to help determine what weight suitcases are best for tourists.

How much weight can you carry on your travels? You might want to know how much each person can carry in case you’re travelling with family and friends. Each person has a different age, so you can only take their carry-on baggage. Infants, children, and adults are all divided into weight class

Carry-On Luggage Allowance:

You might want to take a carry-on with you on the journey. You need this type of baggage for personal belongings and all the other stuff you might want. There’s no weight limit on these bags, so figure out how much space is needed before packing it in some way or another. Air Canada Airlines have maximum dimensions they allow but they place no weight limit on your baggage.

                Baggage Type             Size Restriction 
             Standard Article          55cm+23cm+40cm
              Personal Article          33cm+16cm+43cm
  • Maximum dimensions include wheels and handles. 
  • When traveling, there is no limit on the size of the luggage. However, it must fit into the bin above where you can hold it with ease.
  • Other passengers should fly with this notice. If you need to bring one additional standard article for your baby, like a diaper or car seat, you will be required to stow it in an FAA-approved container that is strapped on your lap during takeoff and landing.
  • Passengers traveling through security are only allowed to carry on certain items (such as coats and an umbrella). Bags not included in the 40x20x10 cm allowance must be removed from the airport.

Carry on Bag For Infants and children:

It is difficult to handle babies and children on airplanes, but some (infants included) can be surprisingly manageable. For example, chorus might be the most helpful thing for you when traveling with them.

  • Infants and children can get a look at what the rules are for travelling with your carry-on baggage, not to exceed 10 kg.
  • Traveling with an infant is a simple task. Parents can rest assured, knowing that as long as they are holding the infant while traveling, they can get on any flight within Canada and the United States regardless of fare price.
  • International flights to Canada are expensive but if you’re flying from Canada and the United States, it’s worth the price.

Size chart of the Baggage:

Children and infants have limited sizes and can only carry a certain amount of weight. Adults should use a size chart when travelling with their children’s’ baggage.

                Baggage Type             Size Restriction 
             Standard Article          55cm+23cm+40cm
              Personal Article          33cm+16cm+43cm
  • Personal and possessions can be easily arranged in this bundle. Examples of standard and personal articles are, carry-on bag, roller bag, briefcase, laptop, camera bag etc.

Carry-on Allowance items:

Airlines allow you to carry an Athlete’s Pocket – a small exterior pocket for carrying items like ID, boarding pass and passport that you need handy during travel.

  • One book of matches per passenger.
  • Electronic Cigarettes require zero health care before travelling. As long as they’re not smoked in public, you don’t need to worry about complications.
  • There are new foods to eat on the board now. All of the food must be wrapped tightly in cellophane and put in a container or even aluminum foil.
  • Infant care item. 
  • Coat or another outer garment. 
  • Strollers with a deflated diameter of no more than 25.5 cm (10 inches) and a length of no more than 92 cm (36 inches).
  • Children’s sears help prevent children who ride in car seats from moving while they are not secured in the seat which helps with air bag safety.
  • If you decide to purchase a purse, we have different Max 22cm, 24cm, 28cm in-between sizes. However, if your carry-on allowance includes bigger bags and suitcases (required), then this is not an issue.

Air Canada Checked-in Baggage Allowance:

Different types of flight have different weight restrictions. For example, you could get over a hundred pounds more on a charter air to Hawaii than on major flat earth plane.”

The Types of flights are:

  • Economy Class
  • Premium Economy Class
  • Business Class 

If you’re going to take Air Canada, their restrictions for weight and size are listed on their website. This should save you time.

  • Maximum Weight 23 kg
  • Maximum Dimension 158cm

Checked Bag Weight Allowance: 

Travel Class                  Weight (In KG)
 Economy Class                       23kg
Business Class                       32kg
First Class                        32kg

Baggage Fee:

Air Canada charges a fee for each bag your carry on in economy class. For example, if you’re travelling with one bag (that can’t weigh more than 50lbs) and two people, the total the airline would charge per person is $52.

Economy Class Within Canada: 

Basic and Standard FaresComfort and Flex Fares              Latitude
1st bag: 30 USD 2nd bag: 50 USD 1st bag: Free  2nd bag: 50 USD          2 bags free

Economy Class Travel between Canada-USA:

Basic and Standard FaresComfort and Flex Fares              Latitude
1st bag: 30 USD 2nd bag: 50 USD 1st bag: Free  2nd bag: 50 USD          2 bags free

International Travel:

  • Our free bags are packed with all the items you need when travelling on international adventures.
  • One of the maximum fees for the 2nd bag is 100 USD.

Overweight & Overweight Baggage Allowance:

Everyone has their own travel style and budget. The extra baggage allowance depends on where you’re going and the airline. You may also pay an additional fee if your checked baggage goes over the allowances allowed by your booking at a cost per kilogram/pound weight.

  • The maximum number of kilograms allowed to be over weight is 23-32; after that, the person would be considered to have reached the weight they were supposed to go at.
  • Bags which are larger than 160cm or smaller than 292 cm are considered oversized.
     Routes Name         By piece (IN USD)    Overweight (23-32kg)
 Domestic Canada            100-115        105-115
US to/from Canada          100-105        100-105
US to/from Bermuda, Mexico, Costa Rica, Caribbean            225-265         100-118
Canada to other International            225-265.50          100-118
  • Aside from overweight luggage, if the excess weight exceeds the plane’s maximum size then you must pay for the extra baggage.
  • Rather than paying per item, our members have the opportunity to enjoy limited periodswith a single price.

Restricted and Prohibited Items:

Airline travelers can’t choose what they like, they must act according to when they are flying. Air Canada has some restrictions that you’ll need to follow since it shares the same airspace.

  • The Air Canada Alcohol Policy mandates that alcohol with 70% or higher ABV cannot be on the plane or in their stores.
  • Passengers are limited to carrying a relatively small number of batteries, but more is allowed if the airline will allow it.
  • You may not carry flammable liquids in your bag. Certain materials, such as gasoline, paint thinner, paints and paint thinner, petrol, spirit of turpentine, lacquer solutions, oil-based stains and shellac, oils or heating fuels are not allowed in checked or carry on luggage.
  • Safety and security policies forbid passengers from bringing items that could endanger others, such as bleach, peroxide and other dangerous compounds on board an airplane.
  • At Air Canada, airlines are required to not use any type of chemicals except for powders and dyes used on uniforms.
  • Paint that’s fat and oil based and latex paint is not allowed by the Air Canada airline.
  • Arsenic, weedkiller or any kind of hazardous liquids are not allowed in the Terminal
  • You can only carry powder substance in a container that is larger than 350 mL. It includes cat food, detergent, face-powder, baking powder, soda, foot or baby powder, dry shampoo.
  • If a person is carrying an alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of 70% in the cabin of an Air Canada line, then that person will not be allowed to board.
  • Canned oxygen is not allowed in the air cargo sections of Air Canada. The importance for serving people with disabilities has become limited due to laws banning it.

Damaged Baggage: 

If your bags are damaged, we will help with their replacements and find the best value for you.

  • The Airline booking process usually takes seven days. In your case, the airline might need some personal information before they can help you. You can schedule an appointment with them to get more information about when you can get back your luggage.
  • If your bag is lost or stolen, our guides can provide the information necessary to resend the bag to you.


Can you carry two carry-on bags in Air Canada Airline?

You can carry two carry-on handbags in Air Canada. One is for your personal belongings and other important things, and the other one is for your Laptop, Mobile phone chargers etc. You have to keep the dimension of your carry-on baggage in mind before carrying another bag.

Can you carry any medical Equipment with you?

You can carry medication with you in checked baggage if it is prescribed by your doctor. If you pack prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that are allowed on the plane, all of your medications must be properly packed in their original packaging. Over-the-counter medications must have their original manufacturers’ seals on them.

Is there any limit for Checked and Carry-on luggage?

Make sure you are aware of the Airline limit. You can’t check in your luggage that has a heavier weight allowance than standard airline luggage or weighs more than 23 kilograms. There is also a limitation on bags with dimensions that haven’t been approved by the airline.

Can infants carry baby strollers without any kind of charge in Air Canada?

Infants can carry baby strollers. However, Air Canada suggests using small umbrella type strollers that are 25 millimeters because of the regulations. The lengths must be 92 centimeters.

What is the maximum size of the carry-on luggage?

The maximum size of the carry-on luggage is standard article size and personal article size. You have to maintain that for your carry-on baggage. If your carry-on crosses the limit you have to pay an extra charge.

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