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Air Canada Baggage Policy – 2022


Here are important points to consider from Air Canada’s baggage policy. The benefits of each class of service, categories of travel types and fare types are explained in the information below.

Air Canada Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Although travelers are not allowed to carry a two-piece carry on baggage allowance, you can according to airline policies and conditions.

The size of your carry-on must be within 23 x 40 x 55 cm, and you can pack as many things as you want as long as the weight is within 8 kg. Items include handles, wheels, and pockets. Check your carry-on baggage before the flight to be sure it will fit under the front seat or the overhead bin.

Personal item allowance – The size of the personal item must be less than 57x77cm and cannot exceed 240 cm. Examples of personal items include: laptops, purses, babies, tool kits, backpacks, and bicycles.

Checked Baggage Allowance

With so many different airline routes and destinations, it’s hard to decide which one you want to ride. However, with a free checked baggage allowance, you’ll never have wing!

Maximum Overall Measurement(Length + Width + Height) Maximum Weight
Economy Class(up to 2 bags) 158 cm62 in 23 kg50 lb
Business Class(Up to 3 bags) 158 cm62 in 32 kg70 lb

Air Canada Baggage Fees

A baggage fee will be determined based on the fare type selected by the passenger.

Economy Class Travel in Canada: Air Canada’s baggage fees displayed for each passenger, each way, as mentioned in Air Canada’s baggage policy.

Fares 1st Bag 2nd Bag
Basic & Standard Fare 30.00 USD 50.00 USD
Comfort & Flex Fare Free 30.00 USD
Latitude fare Free Free

Air Canada fees are displayed for each passenger as they airplane travels. You can also find out what your luggage fee will be with our simple and competitive comparison tool on this webpage.

Fares 1st Bag 2nd Bag
Basic & Standard Fare 30.00 USD 50.00 USD
Comfort & Flex Fare Free 50.00 USD
Latitude fare Free Free

Air Canada’s baggage fees for Economy Class Flights between Canada and Mexico or the Caribbean. On this page, you can quickly find out how much those fees are before booking your next trip.

Fares 1st Bag 2nd Bag
Basic & Standard Fare 30.00 USD 50.00 USD
Comfort & Flex Fare Free 50.00 USD
Latitude fare Free Free

International Travel – We offer multiple international destinations. Our baggage allowance between Canada and destinations vary based on the route type.

Fares 1st Bag 2nd Bag
Basic & Standard Fare 70.00 USD 100.00 USD
Comfort & Flex Fare Free 100.00 USD
Latitude fare Free 70.00 USD

Air Canada Baggage Rules

Air Canada offers helpful carry-on guidelines. Review the following comprehensive list of items to bring on board so that your trip goes off without a hitch.

Air Canada Baggage For Military

Air Canada has a policy that gives special discounts and waivers to active military personnel. Dependents travelling with active military personnel are also given discounts, as long as they travel on the same Air Canada reservation.

Air Canada Delayed Baggage

The Air Canada baggage policy says that they work hard to ensure that your checked baggage arrives and delivered to you in a timely fashion. If it is delayed, rest assured, the airline will deliver it to you within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival. Feel free to contact an agent from Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, or Air Canada Express Monday through Friday during the regular business day at 416-622-4153 for a prompt response about your delay.

Air Canada Damaged Baggage

If you happen to have a damaged package during an Air Canada flight, you can reach one of our agents at the baggage claim helpline at 1-800, as they will follow all the “clauses” as mentioned in  Air Canada’s baggage policy. It is important that you know where the

If you’re still at the airport and notice your luggage is damaged or broken, you need to approach the Air Canada ULC compliant counter. The airline will provide you with the replacement baggage or an Air Canada ULC Compliant Refund.

Air Canada’s baggage policy states if there is a damage in your baggage, you can make a claim online. After submitting an Air Canada bag tracing form, take documentation for supporting your baggage claim and complete within 7 days from the date of damaged baggage..

If your luggage is damaged and you think the Air Canada baggage fee you paid wasn’t enough compensation, we are here to help.

Air Canada Baggage Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can check your baggage fee at the time of Air Canada reservation. It’s easy to shop and book on Air Canada while you wait by cancelling a trip if your flight is delayed or taking an earlier one.

If you notice that your baggage has been damaged, please call Air Canada’s 24-hour international baggage phone number at the earliest opportunity. Within the United States or Canada, for domestic travel, please contact Air Canada within 24 hours at 1-800-247-2262.

Air Canada’s baggage policy allows you to bring two checked bags weighing up to 23 kg each on your trip, and three checked bags of up to 32 kg each. The maximum weight each bag can be is 62 linear inches or 158 cm, regardless of the travel class.

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