Air Astana Cancellation Policy – 2022[updated]

Well, there are times when canceling a flight was considered a hectic task, with directions on the Air Astana cancellation policy. With every passing year, the Air Astana flight cancellation procedures and policies were modified to make it easier for the travelers to manage their booked reservation, and get a refund for the same. In this post, we are going to discuss what plans you need in order to cancel your flight.

  • Cancellation can only be used on open reserved seats, travel would not be refunded for unused flight segments.
  • We allow passengers to cancel the Air Astana flight within 24 hours of purchase, if the date of departure needs to be 7 days or more before it’s time for the flight.
  • Air Astana travel fare policies state that the cancellation policy would be applicable on the restricted and non-restricted fares. They are also covered for 1) fare types, 2) fare basis code, or 3) class of service.
  • Our cancellation policy requires that requests are made no more than 24 hours before departure. If a booking is cancelled, the customer will be compensated with the full cost of their trip minus any refund given.
  • Under the express condition of exceptional circumstances, passengers with a flight that was paid for can get a refund or credit on their next Air Astana ticket purchase. Passengers can use the credit to pay for a new ticket at the cost of their fare and remain valid for 365 days from this date. Climbing more in height, constructing wind turbine and solar farm projects (Neda)
  • If you purchase Air Astana flight coupons, you will be able to use them immediately. They cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • As article 13 of the Air Astana refund policy states,  in case you were to purchase a new flight and the fare difference is less than $100 (when comparing with another flight), a refund will not be provided even if there is a coupon from the original purchase in your possession.
  • Air Astana has different fare types on each flight segment. All passengers must check their ticket before getting on the plane. If a passenger’s ticket is not checked, they will be denied boarding and their fare may be reimbursed.”
  • In cases where a passenger attempts to cancel their seats of a flight by going earlier than scheduled, the Air Astana reservation needs to be cancelled before check-in for that flight closes. If it’s not canceled, then there’ll be an additional fee for cancelling the ticket at the last minute.

Air Astana Flight Cancellation Rules

Let’s understand the Air Astana terms and conditions of ticket cancellation policies, as per their fare rules and according to their monthly fares.

Air Astana Non-Restricted Fares – 

  • Airlines that offer Air Astana non-restricted fares have refund by asking customers to cancel the flights up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • Any changes to the origin or the departure point must be forbidden.
  • Air Astana customers unhappy with getting a refund on their flight tickets have the option to get it by email or calling the airline.
  • We only offer Air Astana flights that are directly booked on our website. If you need to cancel other bookings associated with the segments, you will need to do so at least 24 hours in advance.

Air Astana Restricted Fares – 

  • Air Astana’s Economy Saver and Business Promotion Domestic fares are non-refundable. Tickets must be purchased within 24 hours of flight departure. If you want a refund, contact Air Astana by their 24-hour refund hotline.
  • When you select an Air Astana upgrade, you’re guaranteed the best seat and extra indulgent amenities on all three classes of service.
  • Customers with a travel restriction under the fare basis code can only book Air Astana flights. They cannot use this ticket to reserve a vehicle or hotel. Alternately, customers must cancel any car rental or hotel reservation before their respective flight segments are done here they cannot use this ticket to reserve anything else.
  • When cancelling a booking made online, on the Air Astana website, or by phone, only one request would be applicable

Air Astana 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

The airlines allow passengers to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking without assessing any Air Astana cancellation fee, if the reservations were made originating to and from the United States or Canada.

Air Astana is a popular flight service. They tend to cancel flights if there are delays. Please consider these important points before submitting your request for a flight cancellation within 24 hours.

  • Air Astana offers consistent 24 hour cancellation periods for all fare types, class of service booked, and the passengers.
  • To cancel Air Astana flights, you can call us within 24 hours of purchase and keep the date of departure 7 days or more later than the transaction date in your reservation for a full refund
  • If you cancel your Air Astana flight, we will remove it from your account within 24 hours. The refund will then be credited to your original form of payment within 15-20 working days.
  • If a booking is not finalized within 24 hours, the airline’s cancellation fee increases by 20%.
  • If an Air Astana flight cancellation happens less than 24 hours before the trip began, it is not applied to the group booking and it would be subject to group contract.
  • You cannot cancel your airfare using a currency you’ve already paid for, or a travel credit voucher, or utilizing your frequent flyer number.

Air Astana Flight Cancellation Fee

Air Astana charges a cancellation fee in the form of money per passenger on the PNR, which is different depending upon how much you paid.

  • Air Astana is cancelling flights because of poor weather in a major city. You are now being charged a 40 USD service charge before the scheduled departure time. And if you miss the flight, 600 USD will be billed to your credit card after the scheduled departure time.
  • If a missed flight occurs, Air Astana will notify the customer of pricing. If within 14 days, the Air Astana ticket is not employed for another Air Astana trip, the fee can be paid with only a 10% discount on regular fees in order to rebook.
  • If you cancel your flight with Air Astana, they will charge you the amount before the scheduled flight. If you change your mind, they’ll still charge you the previous cancellation fee plus a new cancellation fee if you no longer want to change your flights
  • Air Astana’s Business Class Semi Flex fare – This Business Class ticket is subject to change. Before the scheduled departure, the Air Astana fee changes to 75 USD. After the scheduled flight departure, the Air Astana fee changes again to 150 USD.
  • Business Saver International Fare – Before the scheduled departure, the Air Astana ticket cancellation fee is $75. After the scheduled flight departure, the Air Astana cancellation fee could be changed to $150.
  • If a flight is canceled and turned into an on-time departure, Air Astana charges an additional 16 USD, after the departure fee for an on-time departure is 32 USD.

Air Astana Flight Cancellation Process

Air Astana flight cancellation is available for your convenience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to let you get reimbursed for the expenses that may possibly not be fully covered by insurance so contact us online or over the phone.

Air Astana Cancel Ticket Online

It can be hard to understand when your flight is delayed or even cancelled online. To understand the entire process, it helps to follow these simple steps.

  • Visit, and find a flight. You can easily check availability or just see the latest deals.
  • Click on the Manage My Booking tab, fill out a form with your contact information, and enter the surname in subject and six digit reference code.
  • Click that says, ‘’I want to rebook my flight.’’ You need to click the box that says, ‘’Please check the box if you want me to rebook your flight for an international flight because your travel plans have changed due to government restrictions and the negative impact of COVID-19.’’
  • Choose the Next button to view your available services.
  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ tab to proceed. You can cancel all reservations within 24 hours, including the refundable ticket price, online.
  • You can be refunded for your flight. If you would like to confirm the amount that you will receive in cash, click “confirm my selection” below. Remember: Air Astana generally refunds passengers within 7-10 business days of the original transaction, in their original form of payment.

Air Astana Cancel Ticket Via Phone

Air Astana will find someone to help you. They’ve got phone numbers and representatives to call if your flight is delayed, lost or if you’re having trouble getting an airline ticket.

  • Our Customer Care team is pleased to assist. Please provide the six-digit reference on your booking to proceed.
  • Cancel your Air Astana trip. If you purchased with a travel agent and there are rules associated with your fare, the agent will be able to help reschedule for a later date or refund your purchase.
  • You can withdraw all the reservations you ever made. Or, if you feel like having a change of heart, you can cancel them at any point up to 24 hours after your flight was booked.
  • If your Air Astana flight is canceled, the agent will let you know. You can choose either a cash refund or a travel credit as your cancellation fee less any additional expenses due to the stay. Any additional expenses like hotel reservation or car rental are accrued based on booking together with the tickets—only when booked with the tickets and not at another time later will the amount be deducted from your travel credit.
  • If you agree with the amount of the refund, pay the fee and ask for a refund by filling out the form that Air Astana provides on their website. Below average to moderately long processing time for refunds.

Air Astana Cancel Ticket At The Airport

You can cancel your missed flight ticket with ease without having to start the tedious process of rebooking.

  • Navigate to the Air Astana ticket cancellation counter. Your 13-digit flight number is required. Provide it and a representative will be able to email your confirmation.
  • Note that passengers can cancel their Air Astana booking up to three hours before the scheduled departure. If a passenger requests an Air Astana cancellation after the scheduled departure, purchase cancellation is required for any unused tour on Air Astana’s website.
  • You can get a refund or choose another trip in case you need to make changes. If you want to cancel, we’ll call you within 2 hours of you notifying the agent. All above mentioned refunds will be either collected in cash form or through credit stay valid for one year from the date of your booking.
  •  The average passenger may receive a refund from Air Astana in 7-10 business days. In the original form of payment, passengers will receive a refund from Air Astana after 4-6 weeks.

Air Astana Delays and Cancellations

We have an Air Astana policy that waived passengers can be refunded if the airlines fault or something outside of the passengers control is what cause the cancellation.

  • When a passenger books a seat, they can only be charged the base fare if their plane is canceled, but if their plane is still going to fly, they will be charged the current ticket price.
  • As per their contract, the airline did not ensure that there was a stop-over between two scheduled legs of their journey. This led them to missing their stop and risk penalties.
  • There was no performance of the flight that had been scheduled according to the time indicated in a schedule.
  • Service class or aircraft type is replaced
  • Passenger cannot be seated to the selected seat of their choice under the contract.
  • We will let you know what type of class your booking is booked on.
  • Death of a passenger or his loved one’s, or the Passenger’s family member waiting
  • Air Astana is dedicated to delivering a high quality travel experience to each and every passenger. If you believe the change of plan is too late to make another arrangement, we will gladly refund your ticket or issue you a new one.
  • If you’re flying and find out your flight has been canceled with less than 7 days notice, there’s no need to worry. Air Astana can offer you an alternative flight that reaches the destination within 3 hours of the original arrival time.

Air Astana Flight Cancellation Compensation In Case of Delayed Flights

Passengers are entitled to get Air Astana flight cancellation compensation. In the event of cancellation, passengers can file for a full refund or get adequate discounts on their next booking with us.

  • Flight delays and schedule changes were two common problems. Most people found it frustrating when flight delays or schedule changes were reported.
  • If the passengers wish to surrender an unused segment of their booking for one that is advertised at a cheaper price
  • If passengers have been denied boarding 

Involuntary Air Astana trip cancellation refund in case of delayed flights. In case of the wholly unused tickets, passengers are entitled to a full Air Astana refund of the booking fare.

Ticket cancellation policy – As per Air Astana’s ticket cancellation policy, they would be able to refund only the unused portions of a ticket.

We offer the following Air Astana refund policy for non-restricted fares: Here are the conditions of this policy, and how you can be eligible for a refund if you purchased non-restricted tickets.

  • We issue a full refund for cancelled Air Astana reservations with our ticket stock number. We can be found by searching destinations with the code 465.
  • The Air Astana passenger service offer refunds to passengers if they cancel their trip more than 12 months in advance. The refund is processed as a traveler’s credit, which can be used towards future Air Astana ticket purchases.
  • If the passengers paid for a premium class of service due to upgraded logistics and are downgraded on boarding, they are entitled to receive a refund for the difference between the original and new class they were originally booked into.

Air Astana Refund Policy

It is hard to find the important information on the Air Astana policy cancellation’s, but here are a few points of interest.

  • There will be no refunds on domestic or international flights bought through the promotion.
  • As per Air Astana cancellations policy, the fines for senior citizen domestic and international fares are waived if you cancel your trip. Your unused taxes should be refunded. If you apply for the refund after returning from the trip and completing your outbound journey then the refund of unused portion of ticket is available.
  • Air Astana doesn’t charge penalty for any cancellation of Youth fares if you’re travelling on a domestic flight and doesn’t charge fee for unused taxes if you return with an unused ticket along with your original one.
  • If your visa is rejected, you have the right to rebook your ticket. Or, if you feel you should have a full refund, you can get one by contacting Air Astana customer support.
  • With the Economy Flex fare, cancellation is permitted and the refund will be processed in the form of future travel credit.
  • We offer no penalties for Air Astana cancellations. You can get a full refund with the Flex Fare option without any other penalties.
  • Air Astana’s refueling fees for direct and connecting flights are nonrefundable. You can avoid flying with Delayed International Jet Mix and get in touch with your Air Kazakhstan ticket rep to process a refund.
  • If you are not the person who paid for your ticket, then you will be refunded either to whomever the ticket was originally booked for or to someone else.
  • Air Astana makes it easy for passengers to find their flight. It’s one of the few airlines that allows its customers to cancel and refund their ticket at no cost.
  • If you get a partial refund on an unused, partially used ticket that price was calculated as a difference between the original applied fare and the ticket’s fare.
  • As per Air Astana’s refund policy, passengers are eligible to receive a partial refund for unused portions of their ticket. With the original fare already included, the amount is calculated based on the percentage.

Air Astana Flight Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Potential Passengers can cancel the Air Astana flight within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket, provided that the date of departure must be at least 7 days or more at the time of requesting a cancellation.

As per Air Astana cancellation policies, passengers are entitled to get Air Astana flight cancel departure as well as refund under the following circumstances -• Flight delays, involuntary cancellation, and schedule change for more than 3 hours• If the passengers decide not to take their unused flight segment• If the customers have been denied boarding.

Air Astana is planning on charging you a fee if you want to cancel your flight, from 40 dollars – 300 dollars depending on which fare you purchase. You can check how much it’s going to be before purchasing tickets.

Guests can cancel their Air Astana booking by navigating to the Manage Booking section on our website and entering the Air Astana flight booking details in the required field to proceed. You can cancel all the reservations purchased within 24 hours as well as the refundable fares online.

To get a refund for an unused or partially unused flight booking, call Air Astana’s ticket cancellation phone number. Please note that passengers can claim the refund on the unused portions of their flight reservation only.

When you make an Air Astana reservation, you have a 24-hour window in which to cancel. If you wait within that window and don’t notify the airline, there will be no penalties or fees.

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