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Air Arabia Baggage Allowance, Size, Weight & Extra Baggage Fees 2022

Find out if you can take your own baggage when flying with Air Arabia. If it’s not free, you’ll need to be aware of their baggage restrictions and allowances.

Air Arabia doesn’t place any limits on their baggage allowances. They are generous about allowing you to bring on a carry-on for your trip and the dimensions of such a carry-on should not exceed 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (22in x 16in x 8in). The bag would include all the extra pockets, wheels and handles needed so you can easily travel with this piece.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

We have the same complimentary carry-on allowances for all levels of seating on Air Arabia. We offer information about our competition’s on-board baggage regulations below.

Checked Baggage Allowance

Air Arabia doesn’t have a number restriction on the amount of baggage that you can take with you. Every passenger is eligible to take along 20 kg weight worth of bags with them to be checked-in. In addition, the total dimension of each bag must not exceed 160 cm. This applies to all passengers of all seating classes.

As a passenger travelling between Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, we have been given a complimentary 30 kg weighing bag alongside our 20 kg allowance. If however you are flying Business or First class, then an upgrade to 40 kilograms can be yours.

Rules for Minors

If you have a minor with you who is under 3, no baggage is allowed because they are too young. If the child is above 3 but below 6, only a single standard carry-on bag is allocated under their name. A regular baggage allowance will be given for children who are over 6 years old.

Excess Baggage Fee

If you are travelling in or through a country that does not allow oversized luggage, you can contact the airline authority to see if you are eligible for a 90% discount.

You can contact the company and tell them how much weight you want a tag or which route you are taking. The price will differ over the route you plan to take.

Make sure that none of the extra baggage weighs more than 32 kg. Do not let any of it exceed a total weight of 160 lbs.

Restricted Items 

You should note that Arabia does not allow other kinds of liquids to be transported with you during your flight. Additionally, certain banned materials and items are restricted for passengers according to the airport’s rules. These materials will be restricted for your checked-in luggage and carry-on bags.

Other Special Items

The airline will transport sporting and musical devices in the same way as the checked baggage as long as they meet the required size and weight restrictions.

If the special equipment that you are taking with you exceeds or does not meet the policy of the checked bags, you can check them at the cargo service. The types of products that are carried by the airline cargo transportation service include:

If a parcel is not accepted by the cargo company, it is returned to the sender.

Pets Policy

You have a pet and you’re flying with them on Air Arabia. It won’t make any difference if you do or not. There is one exception: Some airlines allow sturgeon on their flights but we don’t so for Falcon Transportation purposes only, seem like this airline isn’t the best option.


What to do if you lose an item from your baggage?

If you lose an item from your carry-on contact the air hostesses because it’s not like when you would if it was from a checked baggage. Contact the lost and found department within 48 hours if you discover something has gone missing from your checked luggage.

What is the complimentary baggage weight allocated for check-in?

Carrying a weight of 20 kg is allowed free of charge for all passengers in every route other than from Egypt to UAE. In that case, the weight of the additional person’s bags is increased.

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