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Aer Lingus Name Change Policy – 2022[updated]

Our name change policy is available under the circumstances where you want to make changes to your personal details. The policy enables modification of varying types, including corrections, critical edits and simple edit via agreement to certain terms or a rule. You can also find the charges/fees applicable for change in name.

Type of Name Correction/Changes on Aer Lingus Ticket

Some name changes don’t require documentation. Other name changes, such as major name correction, require documentation and other proof for validation. Let’s understand what all airline name changes are permitted and how you can make the most of it.

Misspelled Name

Aer Lingus has a name change policy that requires passengers to submit a government-issued photo ID. The name must appear the same on documents submitted by the passenger as it does on their ticket. Passengers paying 250 USD can make any name corrections if accuracy is important to them. They will not have to pay extra for the changes.

Nickname to Legal Name

In the case that you need a change to your ticket with the airline, the airline may do this for you – there will be a fee for it. For instance, if someone’s name was wrong on their plane ticket, or their country of travel was not their country of legal residency (depending on when they bought their ticket) then the airlines will most likely split the passenger’s name from the origins PNR, and create the new PNR with the correct legal name. Choose a similar flight itinerary as well.

Middle Name Modifications

We collected the necessary information on passengers and then saved it to a secure location. Given that there is a middle name, they need to submit their photo ID and pay the 250 USD as Aer Lingus name change fee.

Critical Name-related Changes

There are also significant name changes that necessitate legal documents. It is important to consider the following scenarios in which legal documents are required: Divorce order, A marriage certificate, and government-issued legal document that signifies the new name.

The airline offers two options for travelers when they cannot submit their name change documents : first, visitors can pay a 250 USD fee and apply for a reissuance of the ticket themselves. Second, the airline checks for alternatives; it applies for an affidavit on behalf of the traveler and sends the ticket back to be reissued with a new name.

Aer Lingus Change Name Rules

A passenger’s name correction policy would be requested under the Name change policy. After a PNR has been ticketed, it is not possible to modify the name on the PNR. However, passengers can switch their tickets provided that they need to book a new PNR, pay the hike in fares, along with the applicable name change fee at the time of ex

In order to change the name, you must complete a PDF in Indian font and then scan that into Finelab.

Check to see that the name on the ticket you are trying to transfer matches exactly with the person who will be transferring it.

Aer Lingus Name Correction Policy

A name correction is the replacement of one passenger with another. For example, if a person’s bag purse was originally sold by ‘Ebay’ but our process suggests it should have been sold by H&M, then the new merchant kind would be H&M.

Name correction requests must meet the following criteria, which was described in our policy that can be found here.

How to Change the Passenger Name on Aer Lingus?

You can make necessary reservation changes without having to wait on hold through voice services. These options are available 24/7 and provided by the Aer Lingus call center in US. Here you may also require documents or proof of your name changes and corrections.

Aer Lingus Name Change Fee

Airlines charge different fees for name change, depending on the class of service. Sometimes their fee changes based on how much time you wait before the scheduled departure. Here are the amounts listed on Aer Lingus .

Name Change Fee Basic Economy Economy Flex Premium Economy Business Class First Class
not allowed 250 USD 225 USD 200 USD 100 USD

Aer Lingus Change Passenger Name on Ticket – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, changes to flight names are allowed up to 2 hours before the commencement of a flight. Aer Lingus name change policy would permit the correction of one’s flight’s name, which would require an extra fee on all flights operated by Aer Lingus, its other regional subsidiaries, and none of its other regional affiliates.

Call the Aer Lingus customer service number on 0800 4598000 to get in touch with its Name Correction desk. Provide your booking reference, which is 00000672305, and request the name to be corrected. If you want us to continue your trip, you will have to pay a change fee or any applicable fare difference because it is not possible for your flight to miss an important event due to a name correction that may vary in price.

Passengers are identified by one of these identifiers: First name, last name and middle name. Depending on whether these match, they will be allowed onboard or not. Please note that the first name, middle name, and last names on your booking must match the first name, middle name, and last names on your valid form of identification.

Name changes are only available on flights that leave from its international and regional airports for a fee of $200, but they can be made up to two hours prior to departure. They can be made for the entire itinerary or just a subset of the flight. In any case, all flights in the itinerary must have their names changed.

The airline requires a middle name or middle initial, or however it is as long as it matches exactly as it appears on the government-issued photo ID, in order to enter their secure website. The TSA’s Secure Flight Program requires stricter guidelines than that of the airline to reduce the number of passengers who are mistakenly denied entry onto flights due to showing an incomplete identification document.

The name on your ticket must match the name on your passport, or another kind of ID document. Airlines generally allow you to make name changes. It’s impossible for your booking to be canceled when there is a mistake of typing the wrong name. There will be a fee charged and the difference in fare based on correction that needs to be made.

Simply make a phone call and get the airlines to update your name. As per Aer Lingus’s name change policy, passengers can update up to 3 characters on their first name, middle name, or last name. Any other changes beyond that would result in some kind of change request which is different than what an average passenger would make for a personal preference change.

A name change is only permissible if it necessitates legal documents. A name change typically requires a divorce order, marriage certificate, government-issued legal document, or a combination of them. The fee for a name change for these cases is 250 USD.

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