Aer Lingus Baggage Policy – 2022

A Complete Guide to Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Headquartered in Dublin, Aer Lingus is a flag carrier airline of Ireland. It began as an Irish government company and completely privatized in 2006 and 2015. The country’s main international airline is wholly owned by the International Airlines Group. Its cargo units move people and their packages with world-class service while its flexible policies give passengers access to what they need.


This is the fourth rated airline in the world. It has excellent leadership and staff members and is equipped with all the amenities for passenger comfort. Started off as a local airline, Aer Lingus has some of the best ratings in the world.

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Passengers can carry one bag and then a small personal bag free of charge when they are flying with Aer Lingus. For passengers carrying oversized bags, they might need to pay a fee. In all cases, an accurate, easy-to-understand luggage policy will help everyone find their way through the airport.

Aer Lingus Baggage Fees 

Aer Lingus charges baggage fees on a ticket by ticket basis. Some tickets are more expensive than others to accommodate the increased cost of checked bags. Every guest should compare the price of their ticket and the weight cap before arriving at the airport.

For short-haul flights (intra-Europe flights) 

  • Passengers with a low fare ticket need to pay for every additional bag they transport, unless the first one was given out at no charge.
  • Plus Fare- Passengers with a Plus Fare ticket are allowed to carry up to 1 item on the plane with room to spare.
  • Passengers with flexible pricing can purchase tickets ahead of time and bring the weight they need.
  • Airline passengers travelling with economy/ low-fare tickets are allowed to carry one bag of 23 kg while taking their plane ride.
  • Aer Lingus provides qualified passengers with flexible baggage options to help save on flight costs with their airline.
  • Passengers who have purchased the ticket for business class are provided with the leverage to carry up to 3 checked baggage weighing 23 kg in the Aer Lingus flight.

Overweight Baggage Fees

When a passenger is booking a flight with Aer Lingus, they may have to pay as excess baggage fees, if they exceed the weight that all checked baggage is allowed for. Lorain Airline provides passengers with both Low and Flex fare options. On a Low fare ticket, fingers are checked for over 44 lbs. On a Flex Fare ticket, only one bag will be limited to 44 lbs and the rest of the luggage will be free weighing more than that would incur taxes or fees.

Baggage fees make it difficult for us to transport our belongings for your holiday. Our luggage is more than 20-32 kg (44-70 pound) and its rules are different depending on if the changes are being made online or offline. Depending on where you’re traveling, you may be charged between 6 and 12 EUR per kg / pound of weight change, with the possibility of additional charges of up to 15 euros!

Companies that sell long-haul flights, such as Aeromexico can help budget travelers get cheap flights to the world’s most beautiful countries.

Bags weighing less than 50 pounds will typically be charged 40 EUR. Bags more than 50 pounds will cost about 45 EUR.

You can get a baggage modification if your bag is over 57 cm in height and 51-86 kg in total weight. Check with the airline you’re using to find out how much they charge. If you change it at least 24 hours before the departure of your flight, you will avoid additional fees.

Aer Lingus Baggage Rules 


People have different costs of luggage depending on which mode they fly. Depending on the type of ticket they buy, their trip will involve different baggage costs, so it is important to determine how much they are willing to spend.

If the passengers want to add more baggage to their booking, they have to change it before the departure so you can make your airline aware of the changes before boarding. You can communicate with an agent on the official website or send a notification to change the number of bags you will be bringing at the time of your flight. The process is low-stress and hassle-free.

  • You’re allowed to carry staggering amounts of liquor on Aer Lingus airplanes. Besides, the beverage has to be under 70% alcohol. Make sure that your bottle won’t break or cause trouble for anyone else in your checked baggage.

Baggage Rules include weight limits and size restrictions. Find out more by reviewing the text below.

Aer Lingus Baggage Weight

If you’re going on a flight with Aer Lingus, it’s important to know what type of ticket you purchased. Some tickets allow the traveler to bring a certain weight of luggage while others don’t.

  • Aer Lingus has a limit on bags that can be carried for free. Luggage can weigh up to 10 kg and 22 lbs but must be clean and in good condition.
  • If your ticket was bought for economy class, you’ll be able to bring a certain amount of luggage into the airport.
  • The carry-on luggage (the size capable of holding a laptop, as well any personal items) may have 1 bag plus one personal item and the bags should fit on the overhead space or gets clearance to either side of you.
  • Aer Lingus Airlines lets people carry a small amount of their checked luggage for about $125. There is a limit on the weight and size allowed by the airplane so that the bags don’t put to much strain on it. The small fees allows people to check extra bags without paying a lot of money extra in fares.
  • Aer Lingus has different allowances for passengers with Flex fare. Economy passengers are allowed to bring two bags to the airport, while a Plus fare passenger can bring one bag.
  • Carrying luggage weighing 23 kg or 50 lb – Passengers who’re taking a flight for the long haul can do so with Aer Lingus. Depending on the ticket, low fares customers are allowed to carry one bag while flex fares passengers can carry a total of 46kg and business class passports are allowed to carry 3 bags at 69kg.

Aer Lingus policy is flexible and strict at the same time. It is easy to get through security with your luggage, but it is important to weigh your luggage by yourself before arriving at the airport. Although you might not have anything to worry about unless your bags are overweight, no negotiations are entertained for this policy so make sure to weigh your luggage before leaving for the Airport. The failure in adhering to the Aer Lingus baggage rules might result in a fine.

Aer Lingus Baggage Size 

Aer Lingus has a different set of rules for the luggage, than other airlines. Passengers should consider the policies that they want to avoid the additional cost. They are mentioned below:

  • Aer Lingus passengers can carry 1 Carry-on bag or 2 standard bags when traveling. They have some specific guidelines for which bags fit into the overhead bin and seats, which is why you should check with them before booking.
  • For passengers flying internationally, airlines usually allow guests to carry large suitcases that don’t exceed 158 cm in length, width and height.
  • If a passenger with a ticket or transferable product gets an upgrade to business class or Flex Fare, they can take the second and third checked baggage, which has to be limited to 55 inch/140 cm (length x width x height) as mentioned above. This also applies for first baggage.
  • However, the Aer Lingus baggage limit has an exception for musical instruments. Aer Lingus has a policy that smaller items are allowed with regard to their size, and so requires all instruments to have measurements within a certain size range.
  • Aer Lingus doesn’t allow passengers to transport extra luggage on the plane in the name of infants. Carry-on bags are allowed, but not over the airline’s usual baggage limit.
  • If you have got a ticket for your little one, you can carry their luggage even if it’s big or small.

What items can be allowed for the carry on luggage in Aer Lingus?

The personal items that a passenger can take as carry-on luggage are items such as a handbag, a purse, and briefcase. However, if the item does not adhere to these weight and size limits, it would be denied by the airline. Freely checking bags is allowed up to 23kg (50lbs) or dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (22 inches x 16 inches x 8 inches).

The airline will provide you with a wheelchair or similar support device. The company provides comfortable accommodation for traveling passengers who require these devices. Additionally, guests are allowed to carry store-only items on the airlines given the policy and regulations for each country.

Travelling with Aer Lingus? Find the cheapest flights with the airline. They run on a low-cost, flexible flight change policy and a no-fuss Aer Lingus Cancellation policy, which is perfect for worry-free travel.

Frequently Asked Questions – Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

If you do not violate the airline’s baggage policy, you will not have to pay any extra fees for your checked luggage. Baggage allowance also depends on the ticket you bought. If the airlines does not allow for 1 of your pieces of luggage to be carried without the payment, the remainder will have to be paid for.

Different tickets allow for different amounts of luggage. If you have a low fare ticket, you won’t be allowed to carry any baggage at all. However, with an express or business class ticket, you’ll be allowed one bag at lowfare, two bags when taking the flex fare and three bags when travelling in the business class in Aer Lingus.

If you wish to add more baggage to your ticket, please visit the official website of the airline. On the left side of the website (which you can get to by clicking on “how to book”), you will be able to find your flight and specify the number of bags that you wish to carry.

For a short-haul flight, the checked baggage limit is 20 kg. Depending on the type of ticket you have, you can carry one checked bag. For long-haul flights, passengers are allowed to carry up to 3 bags but passengers must follow weight limits.

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