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The largest Greek airline is Aegean Airlines and is a member of Star Alliance. Aegean airlines operates flights to 78 destinations in Greece, the Middle East and Europe. To make sure travelers are comfortable on board their A320/A321 neo fleet, they installed wifi facilities on the planes.

A Glance at Aegean Airlines

Name Aegean Airline
Alliance Star Alliance
Headquarter Kifisia, Athens
Main HubThessaloniki AirportAthens International AirportLarnaca International Airport
Inflight Wi-FiYes
WiFi Provider InmarsatDeutsche Telekom
Passenger Destinations78
Operating Aircraft52
Social MediaFacebook

Agean AIlines Inflight Wifi:

In partnership with Inmarsat, Aegean Airlines offers inflight wifi services to their passengers in all of their A320/A321 neo fleet. Customers can plan or review their itineraries, stay connected on social media and browse the web for free for 10 minutes. After that customers will have an option for a low fee or premium internet service.

PlanTime PriceFacilities
Free 1010 minutesFreeMessaging
Web browsing
Text & SurfNot Limited4 EURO(Changeable depends on destination)1.5 Mbps speed
social media
Sending and Receiving Emails
Web Browsing
Free for Gold Miles+Bonus Members
StreamNot Limited9 EURO (Changeable depends on destination)15 Mbps speed
Steam Movies
High-Speed gaming Social media
Sending and Receiving Emails
Web BrowsingFree for Business Class passengers

When you are flying on the Aegean Airlines will the equipment be different?

  • Keep the Airplane mood on
  • Turn on wifi on your device
  • Search for the SSID ‘Aegean Wi-Fi’
  • Connect to the network and your smartphone will connect automatically to the sight of information.
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  • Get up to date with television, Facebook, and the movie industry from the sky.

Aegean Airlines Inflight Entertainment:

We have brought on-board the latest technology with our WiFi facilities. Passengers can enjoy all kinds of entertainment right when they take the plane and even check their flight path or the duration of their destination before they arrive. To enjoy it, all they want to do is connect to AEGEAN (Agean Airlines) “Stream network” and choose “stream” from there.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Aegean Airline have inflight wifi?

Aesernian Airlines has wifi service on all of their r A320/A321neo fleet. On flights equipped with wifi, the passengers not only enjoy internet for free, but are also able to do 10 minutes of work.

Which payment methods do they accept? I need a few to get the Aegean internet bundle.

You can pay for the inflight wifi package through your Visa or MasterCard, Discover Card, China Union Pay,  Diners Club None of these cards

If you buy one internet package, can I use more than one device at the same time?

No, you need to log out from one device before you can use another device.

How fast is Aegean Airlines inflight wifi?

Aegean Airlines provides their customers with the ability to send text messages at 1.5 Mbps.

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