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Aegean Airlines Cancellation Policy – 2022

Known as the largest Greek airline, Aegean Airlines is headquartered in Kifisia, Greece. The convenient Aegean Airlines flight cancellation policy allows the passengers to make any cancellations during the time of emergencies without any trouble. The smooth Aegean Airlines cancellation is one of the many reasons why passengers opt for this airline.The competition was stiff and there were only a few actors who won awards including Charlize Theron and Oprah Winfrey who were nominated for two Golden Globe awards

Aegean Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy 

Aegean Airlines offers convenient rates to book a ticket both online and offline. Passengers can visit the company website or call in to book their tickets with one tap, as well as cancel them if they don’t receive their boarding pass ready.

Upon the 24 hours of booking deadline, passengers who would like to experience and enjoy the safest flight possible will receive a full refund from Aegean Airlines. However, passengers who are planning on cancelling their ticket past that point in time must pay a small fee and forfeit their ticket.

Aegean Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation 

Greek airline Aegean Airlines allows passengers to cancel their bookings within 24 hours. They refund the money in reservation and flight substitutions.

Aegean Airlines has a no-cancellation policy for internationally departing flights. If you cancel your international ticket in the cancellation window, there will be a certain charge. The amount of the fee depends on the type of carrier, destination, and cancellation time.

Aegean Airlines Cancellation Fee

Aegean Airlines cancellation policy is very simple. If passengers can reschedule their tickets, they will not have to pay for the cancelled flight. However, if passengers cannot, travelers will still be charged a fee.

Aegean Airlines has an easy cancellation procedure. A discount is given to passengers who cancel flights, but this varies according to type and class of the ticket. If you have a non-refundable ticket, check whether it’ll be refunded or not before trying to cancel your flight.

Aegean Airlines Refund Policy 

Airlines change the prices of tickets all the time. If the passengers are cancelling their tickets within 24 hours of booking, the airline would initiate a 100 per cent refund to the passengers. The refund would be made in the source account and takes approximately 7-20 business days to reflect in the account. If you are not able to cancel your ticket within 24 hours due unavoidable reasons, then we still need some paperwork

If passengers have booked their tickets through a third party, like an agent, they must first contact the third party regarding any cancellation or refund-related issues. They can submit their wishes in the same way they booked their tickets. If you book your tickets through an agent, you cannot fill out the refund form online to speak with the customer care executive.

How to Cancel the Aegean Airlines Flight Ticket? 

The airline provides various options to choose from when getting on a flight. You can cancel your ticket both offline and online and make sure to follow the below given procedure to do so in the way that best fits you.

Cancel Aegean Airlines Ticket Online

1. If you want to book your trip online, you need to first go to the website of Aegean Air.2. After going on the homepage, under “My Bookings” you will see a list of available dates and passengers who have purchased tickets for those dates3. To check your booking and purchase tickets for this flight, please enter your email address and password4. Once the booking page pops up, press ‘next’5. Type in all your contact information when prompted by the booking page6. And finally, purchase your ticket or print it.

Cancel Your Aegean Airlines Ticket Via A Call 

With an exceptional service, speed, and facilities, Aegean airlines will go all out to provide nothing but the best of service. People can even contact the help center if you don’t want to cancel your ticket online. Customers can call a toll-free number to talk to a customer support executive.

The airline provides a team of professionals with the skills and experience to help people go smoothly through their trips. They’ve got executives who are specifically trained in problem solving and understanding what the customer wants to get out of the experience. They also give you different layers of communication, including automatic transfers and web chats, so that all your questions can be answered quickly.

Cancel Aegean Airlines Flight Ticket At The Airport  

One way you can cancel the ticket is by visiting the nearest airport. You should visit the airline’s ticket office and talk to an Aegean Airlines representative, explaining the cancellation reason and scenario. The refund for your ticket would be initiated after being checked by executives. The refund will have been credited to the same account used while booking.

  The passengers will be able to relax and enjoy their trip without hassle with the flexible booking policies of Aegean Airlines. In addition, there is the easy international flight cancellation policy from Aegean Airlines that enables travelers to cancel their flights.

If passengers have got their tickets from agents or any travel agency online, they should contact the source of booking to cancel the tickets. Canceling a ticket online or via a call would not be possible if you have involved any agents in your booking process.

Frequently Asked Questions – Aegean Airlines Cancellation Policy

Aegean Airlines’ policy allows passengers to cancel their booking for free if they book within 24 hours of the original fare. If the passenger waits too long and it’s too late, he or she will be charged somewhere between $100 and $400. The amount of money the passenger must pay depends on the type of ticket.

International passengers who book online can cancel their booking anytime. Customers who book by telephone or in person will have no extra time to cancel their tickets.

Yes, you can cancel your ticket with Aegean Airlines either online or offline. The passengers would not have to pay any amount if they are cancelling their tickets within 24 hours of booking, according to the free cancellation policy. However, if you are missing the free cancellation policy window, a small fee will be levied on you depending on the class, destination and time of cancellation.

When the flight has been canceled by Aegean Air, passengers have a couple of options. They can choose the full refund, the next alternative flight provided by the airline or they can contact ground staff if the flight has been canceled all of a sudden. The passengers are also provided with food and beverages.


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