A Complete Guide To WESTJET Baggage Allowances 2022

If you are planning to travel with WestJet, the first thing you might want to check is their baggage allowance. Searching through their site can be tiring, but we make it easy to find information quickly by breaking it down into different landing pages and presenting the most relevant sections right on the homepage.

WestJet Carry-on Baggage Allowance:

Westjet provides its own light but sturdy carry-on luggage that can fit certain dimensions. If you want to pack more than the airlines allows, Klein Air will make sure your carry-on bag doesn’t weigh over the allowed weight limit so it does not get jammed in its overhead compartment.

Specification Carry-on BaggagePersonal Item
Length(cm)53 (21 inches)41 (16 inches)
Width (cm)38 (15 inches)33 (13 inches)
Height (cm)23 (9 inches)15 (6 inches)

Carry-on Baggage Fees:

One Carry-on BaggageNo fee
One personal itemNo fee
One equipment of for fare-paying childNo Charge
2 pieces of lap help infant equipment No charge

Carry-on Allowance Items:

  • Carry-on baggage includes baggage, bag, suitcase, etc. 
  • It is a general rule against carry items on airlines that are not in the company’s primary class of service.An exception is made for musical instruments, cameras, and small personal items.
  • If you are travelling with an infant or children, make sure that you have everything covered. The following essentials to keep in a diaper bag, car seat, and stroller if you need them.
  • Food wrappers or particular items. These packages come with a wrapper with other food items and usually have little, if any, information on print.
  • Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers were previously allowed on aircraft but are now restricted to use inside the cabin only.
  • If you purchase duty-free items when you pass through security, these items can be carried on board the plane by you.
  • Coat, hat umbrella, or other personal clothing.
  • Medical equipment, like an oxygen cylinder, battery-powered portable oxygen concentrators, scientific instruments, and human organs for transplant is permitted as carry-on baggage.

WestJet Checked-in Baggage Allowance:

Make sure the checked-in baggage weighs 23 kilograms or 50 pounds, that it is 63 inches by 40 inches by 44 inches and that it fits in Miss Char’s taxi with 157 square centimeters or 62″x38″x44″.

Checked-in Baggage Allowance fees:

If you are flying on Westjet, you can carry up to four bags instead of one class. If you’re not travelling on international flights, they only allow 2 bags. Or perhaps you’ve been seeing prices is Trinidad and Tobago or Jamaica? They only allow 1 bag per person. But there are depending destination rules that determine the amount of baggage and whether it’s a place or people who will places luggage.

Flight Type1st Bag2nd Bag3rd Bag4th Bag
BasicEconomy Class$30-35.40$50-59$100-118$100-118
EconoFlexNo fee$50-59$100-118$100-118
PremiumNo feeNo fee$100-118$100-118
BusinessNo feeNo fee$100-118$100-118

One of the best ways to save when travelling is to travel in basic economy class. Unless you carry a lot of luggage, it costs less and doesn’t take up as much space in your day-pack.

The flight between Canada & Europe1st Bag2nd Bag3rd Bag4th Bag
Basic Economy Class$60-71$90-107$100-118$100-118

If you need to ask our customer service team a simple question, we are happy to answer it. You’ll get support via e-mail or phone instead of getting charged extra fees by the airport.

Baggage fees paying method:

  • You can pay the fees for your baggage before you fly. The fee will be less expensive online and you’ll have peace of mind.
  • You can pay for your airfare with a loan at the Westjet customer desk.
  • Travelling through WestJet with more than 800 flights a day can make travelling to your desired destination seamless.
  • Depending on where you’ll be traveling, you’ll need to know what the fees will cost in Canadian dollars or US dollars.

Overweight & Oversize Baggage Allowance:

If your luggage weighs over 23kg (50 pounds), it will be considered overweight and you’ll need to pay extra baggage fees. The size of the bag includes handles and wheels should not be larger than 158cm – 203cm (62-80 inches). Whether you fly in the basic economy class or business cl

Military Baggage Allowance:

Active Canadian military personnel can travel and save on baggage fares by flying WestJet without paying any baggage fees. But only if the weight of their bags do not exceed their maximum allowance. Other countries’ military personnel may also use them to show valid identification.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is sports equipment allowed on Westjet?

WestJet accepts almost every kind of sporting equipment within a specific size chart. It is important to tell us if your gear needs repair because we will charge a fee.

What can I do to get delayed or missing baggage?

If you have any special loads on your luggage, you need to provide a delay baggage report and the required details when you arrive at your destination.

Does WestJet allow pets as carry-on baggage?

You can bring your pet on the aircraft. But be aware that the kennel needs to be small enough to fit underneath the seat. You will have to pay $50-$59 for each pet.

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