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A Complete Guide To United Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi 2022

United Airlines has equipped its fleets with all the latest Wi-Fi technology so you can have peace of mind that you’ll be able to catch up with work, social obligations, business associates on your way to connecting another city.

United Airlines is located in Willis Tower and has celebrated a valued brand. As of 2021, United Airlines would have the third highest brand value of all airlines.

Each day more than 275 million passengers fly on United. More than 100 million of these passengers are carried in the US-based airline’s main fleet, with an additional 84 million passengers carried in their regional branch.

The group is a co-founder of the Star Alliance Group. It is also the leading airline group in terms of customer traffic.

United Airlines Wi-Fi Plans and Pricing

We have different plans for different needs. People can choose from unlimited data, bundles with phones and various speed levels.

With the United Wi-Fi, you can activate texts and make calls for a whole month with no expiration. You can also use hotspots around the world from your device.

Whether you are stuck on a United or United Express® flight, we offer wireless internet for purchase so that you can always maintain a connection.

With a Miles & Bonus® Visa Signature Card, members can use their credit with places like Travel and even purchase Wi-Fi packages.

Prices for United Wi-Fi differ.

There are three purchasing options:

Monthly and Annual Wi-Fi Plans:

This plan is designed for United-flyers to have internet access on their airplanes. It’s available exclusively through internet on all Wi-Fi-supported planes.

With the pass, you can use text features in its many areas such as sending and receiving texts, browsing the internet, or staying connected to your social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

Region Monthly plan (in USD) Annual plan (in USD)
North and Central America $49/7,500 miles $539/80,000 miles
Global $69/10,500 miles $689/100,000 miles

The company offers a $0 one-time initiation fee, making it easier than ever to start using us.

Meanwhile, purchasing the yearly plan would save you about $139 each year.

Wi-Fi Day Plan:

If you’re traveling on United or United Express®, pre-book the Wi-Fi day plan so you can use Wi-Fi on any United or United Express® aircraft in California and Texas.

Whether you have a short flight or long, the pass cannot be activated before take-off and continues to last for the duration of your trip.

To get a connected experience on Hilton’s Wi-Fi Day, look for your trip in My Trips. Enter your confirmation number or MileagePlus® membership number to find details.

  Price (in USD)
MileagePlus® members/ regional flights $8
Non-members/domestic flights $10

Onboard Purchase Plans:

When traveling on an airplane, passengers can pay for Wi-Fi access while they’re onboard without purchasing a subscription.

Members who join the MileagePlus travel loyalty programme may use their acquired miles or saved credit card to purchase a plan.

Non-members of MileagePlus® can also pay using:

However, if you are traveling on a United Express® airplane that has Gogo-supplied Wi-Fi, you can sign up for an All-day plan with Gogo via a Gogo account only.

Duration Price (in USD)
One-hour plan $7
All-day plan $19

Aside from the monthly and annual plans, where the prices are for domestic and regional flights.

International flights differ in pricing.

How To Connect To United Wi-Fi?

The United Wi-Fi app offers free Wi-Fi to those who do not require it, so that people can stay connected to the internet on their phone.

With United Wi-Fi, you can:

United Airlines Wi-Fi Timeline

The United Airlines were the first airline to connect their international aircraft with ground-based Wi-Fi, instead of satellite-based connectivity.

The announcement about the installation was made on January 15th, 2013. A 747-8 aircraft used Panasonic Avionics’ Ku-band satellite network in order to start with installation of radars from British Airways flights towards North America and Asia.

In addition, the Ku-band satellite-based Wi-Fi supply a domestic-routed Airbus 319 with faster in-flight Wi-Fi service than the ground-based Wi-Fi network

Many international airlines are installing satellite-based Wi-Fi in their planes to increase the efficiency of the fleet. This will help them stay ahead of their competitors in an increasingly competitive world.

Mainline aircraft, apart from those operating to and fro Guam, and all regional two-compartment aircraft offer satellite-based Wi-Fi service supplied by four different network providers.

There were two purchasing options for the passengers in this study: A standard plan that was $3.99 to $14.99 in length depending on flight and an accelerated plan set at a price of $5.99 to $19.99 with a faster download speed.

Airlines With In-flight Wi-Fi On United Airlines

More of United Airlines planes have been retrofitted with new WiFi technology. The airline plans for 300 planes, but has spent or had cost shared a total of 762 aircraft, which is about 90% of its fleet.

Aircraft capable of using the faster Wi-Fi includes all the international carriers and every regional aircraft with two compartments. They are excluding widebodies flying to and fro Guam.

However, it now uses three network providers to give planes Wi-Fi access. Now, travelers get a faster and stronger connection from Panasonic and can check in or pay for expedited boarding even before arriving at their destinations.

Here is a list of the airlines with WiFi for their passengers to use, when their flights land on different continents.

Service Provider Equipped Aircraft
Gogo Bombardier CRJ-550 and CRJ-700 Embraer 170 and 175.
Panasonic Some no. of Boeing 757-200 Airbus 320 Some no. of Airbus 319 Certain no. of Boeing 757-300, 787-8, 787-9, 767-300ER, 777-300ER, 777-200, 777-200ER, 767-400ER, and 787-10.
Thales Boeing 737-700, 737-900ER, 737-800, 737-900 Certain no. of 757-300.
Viasat Some no. of Airbus A319 Some no. of  Boeing 737-900 Boeing 757-200 with premium transcontinental network 737 MAX 9.

How To Ascertain If Your Flight Provides In-flight Wi-Fi

You can determine whether your flight offers Wi-Fi on-board by checking the information monitor at the takeoff gate or using the “Amenities” tab of the flight status page on either the United app or

Network Providers Of In-flight Wi-Fi Onboard United Airlines

In its quest to improve passenger satisfaction and reduce complaints about constant poor quality in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, United has sourced four different partners to provide high-quality internet Wi-Fi on aircraft for enhanced customer experience.

The four network providers are:

One of the four providers uses satellite technology to provide internet connectivity on United aircraft.

Gogo services a fast, satellite-based model of Wi-Fi. Viasat uses Ka-band satellites and Panasonic uses Ku-band antennas.

Each provider has its coverage area.

Features Of United Airlines Wi-Fi

In-flight Entertainment On United Airlines

United Airlines values the in-flight entertainment industry. They make their passengers have a better experience.

It invested in the cabin entertainment system to provide passengers with movies and music. With airlines around the world now offering these types of in-flight entertainment systems, all passengers cannot help but enjoy their flights.

The carrier began retrofitting its current narrow-body aircrafts in 2022 so passengers wouldn’t have to wait for the new planes.

The US newspaper US TODAY made an article reporting on Toby Enqvist, the Chief Customer Officer’s response to a meeting with correspondents.

He said that the airline doesn’t think streaming movies on personal devices is enough. The airline plans to have seatback screens every row on their Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, because they want all of their passengers to be happy.

The airline provides in-flight entertainment options with its new seatback monitor system. Passengers can access personal flight details, destination information and relaxation modes on the new seatback monitors. There are selections of options including:

United Private Screening℠

Airlines offer plenty of entertainment options for the newer Hollywood releases, hot TV shows, and others. Airlines like these provide you with the option to watch your favorite TV show on the seatback monitor or through your personal device.

Visit our United Private Screening page to see the latest titles coming to go on your flight. This site has information on available in-flight entertainment for flights operated by United Airlines.

Personal Device Entertainment

There is a wide variety of free entertainment on your mobile devices. Study shows that streaming a movie or TV show from your phone or laptop can improve cognitive skills and reductions with tension and anxiety while also decreasing social conflicts.

Our new flight website only has a few features available.

To board the United flight, download the app on your mobile device. Make sure to charge it before you go.

Then, once on board;

On laptops:

Find out what the personal device experience has to offer. Find out how others are enjoying the benefits of their entertainment.


We will give you a discount for selected flights if you sign up for DIRECTV® and watch the latest films on your device.

This feature is only available within the continental U.S.

You can check if you are eligible for the program before you buy a ticket. You can find out what the requirements are a day before you fly to determine if your flight will have the service.

Other In-flight Entertainment

The Hemispheres publication is perfect to enjoy the latest news on current events. It is offered twice a year and it’s proper to read while traveling; it also has special ties with The United States Air Force.

Our magazine is regularly evaluated. We provide access to it on the Web and in print.

Most Asked Questions

What Device Can Access United Wi-Fi?

United Wi-Fi provides an easy to use, user friendly service. It is currently in plans to launch a new browser, which will be most compatible with Windows 10 and other platforms as well.

Can I Use Different Devices On The United Wi-Fi?

Users cannot automatically switch devices and use the same Wi-Fi connection simultaneously. However, users can easily switch among devices for their cardmember and use the same account-based Wi-Fi connection every time.

Can I Purchase A Wi-Fi Pass Onboard?

Yes. You can purchase onboard Wi-Fi plan through the airline. However, it is not cheaper than pre-paying for Wi-Fi when placing your reservation.


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