A Complete Guide To KLM Baggage Allowance 2022

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KLM is a Dutch carrier airline founded over seventy years ago. They fly to many different continents around the world while adhering to safety regulations. KLM may be one of the safest airlines in the international community and they have operated for over two-thirds of a century.

Despite having a broad range of services and relatively new approach, KLM airline company has proven to be quite strict with regards to their rules and regulations. To learn everything about the weight policies ushered in by this company,

Carry-on Allowance policy

Keeping carry-on bags around is a great way to travel light. KLM allows its passengers to keep their daily essentials in whatever bag they can carry on with them.

 If your carry-on meets the weight requirement, it does not make it acceptable for use by everyone. Other regulations require that carry-ons must fit in the overhead bin that you will get when riding on an aeroplane.

Economy Class

The rules for what you can bring depends on whether you are in class or the first class. If you are in economy class, the carry on includes a single bag and one piece of personal luggage.

  • You must check in carry-on luggage with a maximum dimension of 21.5in x 10in x 13.5in/55cm x 25cm x 35cm. You are also allowed to carry a small bag with dimensions of 18in x 8in x 13.5in/45cm x 20cm x 35cm along with you.
  • It’s important to stay below 12 kg. If the baggage exceeds that weight, you won’t be allowed to bring it on the plane.

Business Class

Business class fliers have more luggage allowances than economy class. For example, on some airlines you can bring 2 carry-ons and a small bag for personal belongings.

  • The maximum length in dimensions of 21.5in x 10in x 13.5in/55cm x 25cm x 35cm (length x width x height). The allowance for the smaller bag is 18in x 8in x 13.5in/45cm x 20cm x 35cm.
  • The “carry-on” must weigh no more than 18 kg. No other item may be placed in a plane’s overhead bin or near the airplane main door.
DetailsEconomy ClassBusiness Class
Amount of bags allowed1 carry-on and 1 small personal bag.2 carry-on luggage and 1 small personal bag.
Weight26 lb40 lb
Dimensions21.5in x 10in x 13.5in for larger bags. 18in x 8in x 13.5in for smaller bags.18in x 8in x 13.5in for larger bags. 18in x 8in x 13.5in for smaller bags

Special Baggage and cases

Your bags don’t have to be packed around sporting goods—KLM allows you to take up to three pieces of carry-on baggage with your sports gear, musical instruments and more. If you make a reservation at the ticket office, though, you’ll get 20% off the airline’s rates for those bags.

ItemPackaging policyNotes
BicycleIt must be packaged so that the maximum weight is 23 kg. The package must have a dimension of 176,5 x 23 x 101,5 cm.You are not allowed to take electric bikes, with their batteries removed. Make sure that all the tires are deflated and no parts are sticking out.
Buggies and StrollersA maximum size of 15 x 30 x 100 cm dimensions.If you exceed the dimension requirements you will need to pay an extra fee.
EquipmentA dimension of around 55 x 35 x 25 cm. The weight cap must be 12 kg in economy class and 18 kg in business classYou can also transport the equipment on a cargo separately, but you need to pay more.  
Fishing rods and golfing equipmentThese must have an area of up to 300 cm^2. The weight allowed in economy class is 23 kg in economy class and 32 kg in business class.Nothing electric is allowed to be taken.
Wedding dresses or special costumesNo restriction on them as long as they are properly packed and meet the regular hand baggage weight.Nothing no electric or fire hazards.      

How strict is KLM with their hand luggage policies?

KLM has a lot of policies and rules for the equipment that you are taking along with you, but they rarely check your weight. However, do note that if it exceeds their dimensions, it might be sent to the cargo section.

It’s your responsibility to choose how heavy your carry-on bag is. Make sure you are following the rules, and don’t forget about your larger purses.

Fees for extra baggage

If your bag doesn’t weight what it should, you only have to pay for the difference. The extra penalty fee differs from place to place depending on the method of transport chosen. These fees are the same for both economy and business class.

RouteFirst Bag Second Bag Bags 3 – 10 If the bag is oversized
Within EuropeEUR 25 | 40 EUR 45 | 70 EUR 45 | 70EUR 75
Between Europe and Middle EastFreeEUR 60 | 75EUR 160 | 200 EUR 300 
Between Europe and the USEUR 50 | 50
USD 60 | 60 
EUR 68 | 85
USD 80 | 100 
EUR 192 | 240
USD 228 | 285
EUR 250
USD 300 
Between Europe and CanadaEUR 50 | 50 CAD 75 | 75EUR 68 | 85 CAD 96 | 120EUR 192 | 240 CAD 264 | 330EUR 250
USD 300

Restricted and prohibited items  

KLM has some restrictions on the types of items you are not allowed to take when flying with them. Important Forbidden Items include: animals, air mattresses, and weapons.

  • Sharp objects like knives
  • Poisonous objects like arsenic, or weed killer.
  • No acid or similar fluids.
  • Bleach, bleaching powder or such.
  • Flammable liquids and flame hazardous objects.
  • Urns and glassware that would break easily.


What if you have any liquids in your hand luggage?

KLM has set a liquid limit of around 100 ml per container. This means that you can carry up to one liter of liquids on your plane tickets. Any containers larger than this must line their surfaces with transparent recyclable bags to ensure safe storage.

Are you allowed to take any drugs in your hand luggage?

You are not allowed to take any drugs or medicine with you. However, if you have a legal doctor’s prescription for any medication or health condition, KLM will allow you to take the drugs with you.

What if you are caught with an overweight carry-on?

The weight and size of your hand baggage will vary depending on which airline you buy the ticket. But with KLM, if your hand baggage is only slightly over the set amount, they will allow you to take it. If it is well over the set amount, you may have to pay a fine. The amount varies from place to place depending on your route, but with KLM, if your hand baggage is only slightly over the set amount, they will allow you to take

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