A Complete Guide To Indigo Baggage Allowance & Policy 2022

Which of these airlines do you think is the best? You will want to choose the ones which have the most luggage allowance. Before embarking on any trip or vacation, you should be aware of the ticket price as well as other pertinent information. So that you can have an amazing experience throughout your whole tour. It mainly depends on whom you’re travelling with. Now if you’re travelling by yourself, then British

An infant can carry a handbag up to 7 kg, A child can carry checked-in baggage up to 15 kg and a free handbag. An adult can also carry checked-in luggage with the limit of 15-20 kg and they may pay extra charges depending on their flights. If you want more space, then you’ll have to pay extra for it.

Indigo Hand Bag/ Carry On Bag: 

We make it easy to bring bags of any size on-board. Portable handbaggage containers and other soft travel items can easily be stowed in your aircraft armrest carry container by our expert flight attendants as they welcome you aboard at every airport.

Hand Baggage Allowance
Maximum weight: One little handbag that can be stowed beneath the seat. There will only be one bag, weighing no more than 7 kilograms or 8 kgs.
Dimension: 55cm*35cm*25cm*

Indigo Checked-in Baggage:

Most people carry their belongings with them in this checked-in bag. Airlines let passengers bring the items they need with them without the limitations that checked-in luggage has.

Checked-in Baggage table chart:

Type of Flights    Weight
  Domestic (within India) 15 kg per person
Bangkok, Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Male, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Singapur  20 kg per person
Jeddah  25 kg + 5 L Zamzam water per person
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Istanbul, Kuwait, Muscat, Hong Kong Sharjah, Yangon, Doha,  30 kg per person
Dimensions158cm (62 inch) (Length + Width + Height)

Carry on Bag for Infant (0-2 years)

Airlines often restrict their passengers from taking bags on board.

Domestic Travel:

  • One handbag can weigh up to 7 kgs. It is the perfect size to slip under a chair.
  • Check in Baggage: NIL

International Travel:

  • One large-sized handbag can slide beneath the chair on the airplane, with no problem and you should be safe from thieves.
  •  Check in Baggage: NIL

They cannot carry any kind of baggage other than small and personal items.

We allow each customer to bring one stroller or baby pram into the store.

Indigo Baggage for Child (2-12 years)

Traveling with children from the age of three and up can be easy with parent check-in baggage. We limit the weight and size of your baggage and let you keep your baby’s car seat.

Domestic Travel:

  • They can carry up to 15 kgs
  • Dimension: 158 cm  

International Travel:

  • They can carry up to 15 kgs
  • Dimension: 158 cm

Liquids in Handbag:

 You can carry liquids in your handbags.

  • Things that are liquids need to be kept in containers that have a maximum liquid capacity of 100ML.
  • This plastic packaging makes it easy to store millilitres of liquid or a range of other products, such as food cans, pills, and cosmetics.

Alcoholic Beverages Allowance:

Yes, passengers can carry small amounts of alcoholic beverages on-board as part of their checked-in baggage. They cannot carry more than 5 Litres per person, and if these personal drinks exceed 5 Litres total, the flight is cancelled for all passengers.

Passengers are required to follow the rules on alcohol. They must pack how, where, and when they carry their alcohol.

  • Alcoholic beverages should be wrapped and packaged in retail wrappers to reduce the possibility of leakage and damage.
  • You don’t want to drink too much alcohol. You should make sure you follow the label and other directions on how to consume your beverage.
  • Liquor laws in Manitoba stipulate that the limit on alcoholic beverages is 5 litres. If a product contains less than 5% ABV, the restriction does not apply.

Over-Weight Bag Charge:

If you’re carrying more than your allowed to carry then you’ll be charged for it. The charge will start at $25 for each kg that you’re over the limit.

  • Domestic Travel: INR 400 Per additional kg
  • International travel: 525 rupees per extra kg. It is a cheap destination – you really have to carry all your luggage!

The passengers must follow the terms of extra baggage; they are not allowed to carry it on in checked bags if they don’t. There are what help make that possible.

  •   One should plan for and reserve their excess luggage well in advance at least 6 hours before a flight departure.
  • If you’re flying into America, make sure that your visa is good for at least 3 months after your trip. You also have to be screened by the American customs and you have to have something to show they’ll care for while they are considering whether or not to let you in.
  • Passengers must present required international travel documentation or an institutional quarantine release certificate at the time of check-in, or IndiGo will charge extra baggage at airport charges.

Medical item Allowance:

If you need special assistance on an airplane due to your physical condition, the airline will accommodate to you.

  • If you live with a disability and require a wheelchair, crutches, or other equipment to assist your journey, please pack it in your cabin baggage.
  • If your baggage is undamaged, IndiGo will re-route to the next station free of charge.

Prohibited Things on Airlines:

You’re not allowed to bring things like liquids and gels in your bags on the aeroplanes. There are limited amounts of these you can bring and at some airports, you need to leave them behind.

  • You cannot bring in sharp objects to the event, otherwise you will be temporarily escorted from the event.
  • “Whips, weapons, nan-Chaku’s, batons, and stun guns are examples of a class of items that people use to threaten or commit acts against others.”
  • Aerosol or any kind of poisonous liquid.
  • They would refuse to receive any objects that local law considers to be a security risk.


Is there any baggage limit for all ages?

Indigo Airlines has age limits for baggage depending on whether you are traveling as an infant, a child, or an adult. Children must be at least two to carry-on their own bags, and adults can check bags up to 12 even if they have carry-ons.

How can you track baggage on Indigo Airlines?

When traveling with Indigo Airlines, the most convenient way to track your baggage is to download their app on your smartphone. After that, sign in to your account and enter any information that’s required into it. The app will show you where your luggage is located for easy scanning or picking up on turn-around.

Can you carry any kind of medicines with the Airlines?

Yes, you can carry medicines that you have been prescribed. You can carry them either in your handbag or checked-in baggage.

If you lost your baggage on the Airline, how would you get that?

If you lost your luggage on the airline and you have all the proof of it, you can make a complaint to the airline. After that, the airline will fly over some locations, collect your item and deliver it to you safely

What should you do if you want to carry extra baggage?

When you want to carry more of your belongings in your bag, you need to mention it when you book. The extra weight will depend on how much your total luggage is.

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