A Complete Guide To Gogoair Inflight Internet 2022

Purchase a Gogoair inflight internet subscription before you board your flight or purchase it while aboard it so that you can have internet access the entire time your scheduled flight lasts.

Air travel is complicated, so understanding how inflight internet works can be difficult. However, when you’re going to a destination that requires plenty of time in the air and patience with Gogoair’s wireless Internet service.

What Is Gogoair Inflight Internet?

Gogoair offers inflight internet to passengers. They use faster 2Ku second-generation systems and its Air-to-ground network technology. They also provide internet via their many thousand Wi-Fi enabled aircraft.

The inflight internet service from Gogo will be owned by Intelsat after a $400 million partnership takes place on December 2020.

Airlines Serviced By Gogoair Inflight Internet

Here are some of the airlines that offer inflight internet on their aircraft:

  • American Airlines
  • Virgin America (now merged with Alaska Airlines)
  • Alaska Airlines
  • AirTran Airways
  • US Airways (now merged with American Airlines)
  • Aeroméxico
  • Japan Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Air Canada (with Air Canada Rouge)
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes (GOL)
  • IAG group
  • Virgin Australia
  • KLM
  • British Airways

Some airlines offer internet connectivity on board for the price of reading a book during the flight. Gogo is one of the companies that has their own version. To find out whether your specific airline has Wi-Fi, crosscheck before booking.

Gogoair Inflight Internet Subscription Plans

Gogoair offers a pre-purchased internet pass. These plans will deduct from your Gogo account and are only valid on a certain group of airlines – 3 hours, 6 days, 30 days, and 365 days.

It’s possible to purchase some internet plans on the flight. They offer a variety of packages and can be purchased for an additional cost.

Internet Pass/PlanPrice (in USD)Participant Airlines
One-hour pass (domestic flights)$7.00United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada.
All-day pass (domestic flights)$19.00United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada.
Monthly plan (domestic flights)$49.95Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines.
Two-device monthly plan (domestic flights)$59.95Delta Air Lines, American Airlines.
Monthly Delta Plan (Global)$69.95Delta Air Lines.
Yearly plan$599.00Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Delta Air Lines.

Gogoair’s internet service offers a separate subscription plan for travellers flying on Air Canada flights equipped with Gogoair inflight WiFi

Internet Pass/PlanPrice (in CAD)
One-hour pass$6.50
One-way pass$21.00
Monthly plan$65.95

Asides from the airlines mentioned above, other Gogoair-equipped airlines have various plans for passengers to choose and enjoy.

How To Purchase Gogoair Inflight Internet Plan

Purchasing your subscription plan is simple:

  • Visit www.gogoair.com
  • Click ‘Buy Wi-Fi pass.’
  • Choose your preferred subscription plan.
  • Show that you are interested in the course by clicking on the ‘buy pass or subscription’ button
  • We are launching an online sale! Use our direct link (or Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) to find the best places for you.
  • Then, make your payment.

You can purchase inflight tickets here. There’s no need to phone ahead.

  • Select sign-in.
  • Sign up. Create a profile. Register an account or log in to an existing one.
  • Pick your preferred internet pass.
  • Fill out the checkout process. Set up your payment with a new credit card or use an existing card.
  • Make your payment.

How To Connect To Gogoair Inflight Internet

Connect to the inflight Wi-Fi whenever you’re traveling by plane. Connect with our inflight guides online so they can help find the perfect hotel, or even tell you how to.

  • Connect to your flight’s Wi-Fi.
  • Visit http://wifionboard.com
  • Create your account and then log in to surf the internet for many years.

Features Of Gogoair Inflight Internet

  • Gogoair’s inflight internet service lets you stay connected in the air at any altitude.
  • The inflight internet service covers flights between Canada, Mexico, and the United States, where there is a network available.
  • We don’t support services like Skype and Viber. You will not be able to use your phone for VOIP phones or stream audio and video from Netflix, Amazon, HBO.
  • With the Wi-Fi access, you can check their records from anywhere and connect with their staff members by email or phone.
  • Customers are given the opportunity to choose a plan which is non-refundable.

Gogoair Inflight Internet For T-Mobile And Sprint Customers

If you are a T-Mobile or Sprint customer, you have more great news. The company T-Mobile Inflight had partnered with Gogo to offer free inflight internet service, messaging, and chat on certain Gogo-equipped airlines as of March 2019.

T-Mobile and Sprint have partnered with Gogo, so that their customers can get the internet they may need while on a plane with Gogo.

T-Mobile Eligible Plans

Eligible T-Mobile and Sprint plans include: 

Eligible T-Mobile and Sprint planSupported services
T-Mobile Magenta, ONE, and Sprint ONE plans.Free Wi-Fi for one hour and limitless texting.
T-Mobile Magenta Plus, One Plus, Plus Up, MAX, and Sprint MAX plans.Unlimited Wi-Fi and texting.

To improve your experience with us, log into your T-Mobile or Sprint account to upgrade the plan you have by contacting our customer support.

Connecting To The Gogoair Inflight Internet With Your T-Mobile Or Sprint Account

  • Sign in to our website or app and choose the plan that best fits your needs.
  • Switch on Airplane mode and Wi-Fi on your device to save battery life.
  • Also, ensure you enabled Wi-Fi calling.
  • Choose your flight’s Wi-Fi network.
  • Check out  Gogoair’s website to view the video on-demand. Alternatively, enter  wifi.gogoinflight.com if you were not redirected to the webpage by our site.
  • Simplify cellular phone service by choosing T-Mobile and Sprint.
  • When you encounter a magenta-only screen, click on ‘Get Started’ so you can manage your Magenta account.
  • Input your T-Mobile/Sprint phone number.
  • First, solve the pattern by tracing out each square. Let the arrows show where you need to connect to make all of them connect.
  • Click ‘Get Wi-Fi and Texting.’
  • Input your One-Time-PIN.
  • Confirm your connection on the prompted screen.
  • Enjoy discounted (and sometimes free) texting, internet, and talk time details while you’re on your jet.


Thanks to Gogoair’s internet service, you can confidently take care of your business while in the air. You might even get the service without paying xtra if you are on an eligible T-Mobile or Sprint plan.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Do I Reach Gogoair Customer Support?

We have live assistance FAQ on our website, as well as email and phone number to contact us. You can also use social media outlets to contact our team!

What Airlines Provide Gogoair Inflight Internet For T-Mobile or Sprint Customers?

Customers that are with T-Mobile on eligible plans can enjoy Gogoair inflight internet service on select Alaska Airlines, select American Airlines, and most domestic and international Delta flights. Check with your airline to make sure your flight offers this handy service.

What Are Devices Supported For T-Mobile And Sprint Customers?

On an inflight, T-Mobile enabled smartphone, like a watch, tablet or laptop, can use the internet as though they were not anywhere near Wi-Fi while being in the air.


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