A Complete Guide To Etihad Baggage Allowance & Policy

You should buy an airline ticket through Etihad if you are thinking of travelling by air. Etihad is a safe and reliable airline that follows the rules to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as expected.

Etihad Airways gives you a generous allowance for carry-on baggage and it’s regulation. You can bring a personal or laptop bag that must fit in the overhead compartment on top of your seat. In addition, you are eligible to take luggage like this with you so long as it doesn’t fill more than 50 cm in height, 40 cm in width, and 25 cm in depth.

Carry-on Baggage Allowance

The general policy for your handbags might not be strictly enforced, but airlines do adhere to it. The weight restrictions must be within 7 kilograms and the dimensions of the bag must not exceed 50*40*25 centimeters. Moreover, the bag must fit the overhead bin on top of your seat.

There is only one carry-on allowed per economy ticket. Economy passengers usually carry either their laptops, clothes or both in the suit case. Business and first-class travelers are allowed two cabin bags, each carrying up to 12 kg of weight (4 kg each) with no size limit.

ClassNumber of bagsWeightSize
Economy1 bag7 kg50*40*25 cm
Business2 bags12 kg total50*40*25 cm each bag.
First2 bags12 kg total50*40*25 cm each bag.

Personal Bag

The cabin does not allow for any baggage on what is considered the “normal size”. You will be allowed to carry a small personal checked bag that must not exceed fifteen pounds as well as one carry-on bag, which must not exceed 7 pounds.

  • Travel documents and passport.
  • Wallet and ID.
  • Dry food in controlled amounts.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Toiletries.
  • Baby food.
  • If you’re feeling that it is colder, or if you need some additional warmth this winter with a thin jacket and scarf.
  • Laptops and similar electronics are allowed inside.

The plane weight limit is 12 kg so you can bring in duty-free shopping bags to give you more room in your checked luggage. Make sure that your total carry-on weight does not surpass the maximum of 5 kg.

Checked Baggage Allowance

A variety of seating classes exist on Etihad Airlines. These seats include The Residence, Economy, Economy Saver, Economy Flex, Business Class, and First Class. You can find the baggage policy for the class ticket you would like to buy on the individual booking form on your computer or mobile phone.

There are no restrictions on the number of carry-on bags, though there are regulations in terms of weight and dimensions. There are only certain policies that apply to international flights outside of North America.

Economy50 pounds (23 kg)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)
Economy Saver and Classic66 pounds (30 kg)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)
Economy Flex77 pounds (35 kg)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)
Business88 pounds (40 kg)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)
First110 pounds (50 kg)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)
The residence70 pounds (32 kg) per bag (maximum 4)35.4 x 28.3 x 17.7 inches (90 x 72 x 45 cm)

Additional routes

Baggage aside, some long distant flights might have different policies. Check below if yours does and adjust how you pack to be sure you can get your luggage on board.

To/From U.S. and Canada2 bags, up to 50 pounds (23 kg)2 bags, up to 70 pounds (32 kg)2 bags, up to 70 pounds (32 kg)
Africa to/from Most Destinations (excl U.S./Canada)88 pounds (40 kg)88 pounds (40 kg)110 pounds (50 kg)
From India to the UK88 pounds (40 kg)110 pounds (50 kg)132 pounds (60 kg)
Australia to Europe66 pounds (30 kg)88 pounds (40 kg)110 pounds (50 kg)
From India & Pakistan to Australia66 pounds (30 kg)88 pounds (40 kg)110 pounds (50 kg)

Excess Baggage Fee

When choosing the amount of excess baggage you are going to pay for, take into account your route and how much weight your bag will be pulling. Here is a table with the prices in USD per unit of excess baggage.


From the Middle East, it takes approximately $25 per kilo to reach a destination in Japan and Korea. It takes around $40 from the Middle East to Japan and Korea, as well as between $30 and $50 for a voyage from the US to Canada.


Different prices are for bags with a weight of 32 kg or less when traveling between Canada and the United States. Bag weights with an increased size needed to consult with a representative.


Etihad has many checkpoints in various countries, including the United States and Canada. In addition to this, it also flies to lots of other cities around the world.

GCC: Bahrain, Kuwait, Israel, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan UCEMiddle East: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, SudanAsia: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and MalaysiaAfrica: Kenya, Morocco Seychelles and South AfricaEurope: Belgium and France.

Special cases

Sporting equipment

If you have golf equipment to take, Etihad allows you to take one set of clubs weighing 15 kg free of charge. For other sporting equipment like scuba diving tools, fishing rods and gears, etc- they must be packaged within a total linear depth limit of 300 cm. You will be charged an excess fee if any of these allocations is exceeded. The items that you can carry with you include:

  • Speed boards
  • Surfboards
  • One pair of Skiboard, poles, and boots.
  • One set of scuba diving equipment.
  • Give someone golf clubs and balls for one low price.
  • We provide fishing guides with all of their gear, from bait and a reel to tackle boxes and rods.


If you plan to take any bike with you, your removable parts must be disassembled and the paddle and handles require to theoretically stay in the same dimension. If there are extra pieces that need to be removed, such as an auxiliary installed piece, then they must first be removed.

Handle the bike with caution when wrapping it. Make sure that the package doesn’t exceed 300cm in linear dimension and is covered with a protective case beforehand. The bike must not be electric also, so no e-bikes are allowed onboard even if the battery goes.

Musical instruments

If you carry an instrument with you, you should always look at how to transport it on your fare. There is a small fee if you want this service and it’s included already in the airline ticket price. However, bigger musical instruments such as saxophones or trumpets (or any other larger instruments) will need to be checked in at the check-in counter.

If you have to transport your instrument as checked baggage ensure that it follows the requirements for checked baggage items. Your instrument can’t weigh more than 32kg and its size must fit a maximum of 300cm. If you’re going to purchase the cargo rights you’ll have to package your instrument such that it meets all these requirements

  • Height: 155cm/61”
  • Depth: 22cm/9”
  • Width: 43cm/17”
  • Weight: 75kg/165 lbs

Electronic devices

If you are going to pack batteries, pack them inside your carry-on and they should not exceed ten. Furthermore, the output should not exceed 100 Watt-hours and the total amount of metal in them should also not exceed two grams.

Although some drones can be carried in your bag, they are not allowed on the airplane during takeoff and landing. Also, the batteries used inside standard drones must be less than 100Wh. What is permitted are batteries that are bigger than 160Wh and cannot be transported on board under any circumstance.

Medical instruments

If you need to take medical instruments like wheelchairs, crutches, and walking sticks on an airplane, you need to show the proper medical certificates before you will be allowed to take them.

Ensure that the power rating of the medical device is one hundred and sixty Wh in total and the metal content in the batteries is between two and three grams. Anything beyond this is not allowed. For emergency situations, do not bother taking emergency oxygen delivery devices since their airline authorities will provide them for you.


The rules for taking your pet to cruising vessels vary by cruise line. We make it easy for you to find which rules you need to follow and help you get the vaccination certificates, age certificate, pre-approved medical certificates, and other materials in order.

For those in economy, the kennel should not go over 40x40x22 centimeters. For business classes the size of dog allowed cannot be over 50x43x50cm. And do not worry if your pet is overweight because they will also be included with their cargo.

Note that airlines charge a fee to bring animals on board. Most airlines only allow one animal per passenger, with some few exceptions. For example, Business Class passengers may take 2 animals in the cabin concurrently. Business Class passengers who purchase an extra seat are able to bring 3 companions per person——these animals must be crated and fit into their luggage in order to fit under the seat measurements.

There are several checkpoints that must be reached before you can take your dog on the plane with you. You must make sure that your pet is properly leashed and will not escape, and that you have the correct documentation to prove it’s trained. You only get to take one service animal with you on the flight so make sure it’s an airline-approved one.

Restricted items

There are a variety of items that should not be brought aboard your flight. This can be your checked-in luggage, carry-on luggage as well as personal items including food and drink.

  • Sharp or pointy items that could cause punctures are the only allowed in our warehouse.
  • Pesticides, as well as products that could be poisonous, such as certain shampoos and detergents may damage our natural environment.
  • No matchboxes, lighters or anything that can burn people and cause injury will be allowed in the stadium.
  • Sometimes, stun guns and batons can harm people, causing them to go into shock and making athletes drowsy.
  • It is illegal to sell or give drug or medicine, unless you can provide a prescription from a doctor after exhausting all options for non-prescription drugs.
  • They range from small devices like hoverboards, e-bikes, solo wheels, and balance wheels, to large machines.
  • There are many restrictions on carrying fruits. Potable liquid fruit is not permitted to be carried either in a bag or by an individual.
  • Delicate items like jewellery and glassware could break easily. We do not use any polystyrene components which can lead to breakage without the least contact.
  • Radioactive or oxidizing materials.


How strict is Etihad with baggage allowance?

Etihad Airways is pretty strict about its policies. Many passengers don’t understand that kind of lifestyle and company culture which is a reason for its smaller industry versus the companies with more lenient policies. It has had many missed luggage returns from North American flights in the past two years.

What is the 2PC baggage allowance?

You can bring two bags of up to a specified size as long you have them tagged with a luggage tag by Baggage Service

What to do if you lost baggage or your baggage is damaged?

If you lost your bag and are not sure of picking it up, contact the airport authorities within 7 days. They will issue a Property Irregularity Report (PIR), which you can use to make a claim and gain compensation.


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