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A Complete Guide To Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance & Policy 2022

If you have a flight on Aer Lingus airlines, they have certain rules and regulations. In order to travel more effectively without hassle, it is important that you know what the rules are.

Take a Seat – Aer Lingus has specific restrictions for carry-on baggage and passengers. The carry-on must be within a maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x24 cm and have a weight of 10 kg.

If you decide to check in a laptop bag or personal bag, ensure that it has dimensions of 25 x 33 x 20 cm. The checked baggage fee will be applied to oversized/overweight luggage regardless of weight. Your luggage will be included with the checked baggage.

Carry-on baggage allowance

The carry-on baggage allowances between flights to Europe and transatlantic flights are the same. There’s a free complimentary option available for both business and economy classes. Personal laptops or handbags with baby food can also be taken with you on the flight complimentary of charge.

Customers with priority passes can bring bags, like backpacks and large purses, that weigh more than the one they are allowed to carry on.

Flight type Standard carry-on Personal carry-on
Aer Lingus Single 10 kg bag with a dimension of 55cm x 40cm x 24cm. Maximum size of 25cm x33cm x20cm.
Aer Lingus regional Single 7kg bag with a dimension of 48cm x 33cm x 20cm. Maximum size of 25cm x33cm x20cm.

Checked Baggage Policy

Aer Lingus makes flights within Europe and transatlantic journeys between Europe and North America. With AerLingus’ ticket types, you can check in one piece of hand luggage with any saver ticket type that has been chosen while purchasing online. If other people are travelling without checking in baggage or if they want to bring more luggage, there are different options to choose from depending on the chosen ticket type.

Number of bags Weight Notes
1 bag 20kg / 44lb The most popular choice with customers.
1 bag 25kg/ 54lb A large bag when you need more space.
2 bags 40 kg/ 88lb Two bags with a combined weight of 40 kg.

On this website, the maximum dimension for a bag is 158cm and the weight of a single bag would not exceed 32kg.

With transatlantic flights, different policies apply to classes. While the saver economy class is not allowed to check in bags, the other economy classes may check their baggage. Business class and first class are able to check in three bags based on the number of options they choose when purchasing their ticket.

Number of bags Weight Notes
1 bag 20kg/ 44lb The most popular option
1 bag 25kg/ 54lb Larger bags for more space
1 bag 30kg/ 66lb For bags that have more space in them.

There is a maximum payload size of 158 centimeters for all checked luggage traveling to, from and within America. Also, none of the baggage can weigh more than 30 kilograms under any condition.

Notes on checked baggage allowance

Restricted items

Airline higher-ups strictly regulate the list of items permitted on planes. If you are found to be carrying one in your luggage, it will be detained and not transported with you to your destination.  The following is a list of restricted items.

Penalty fees

If your luggage weight exceeds the limit, you might still be able to travel by air within Europe as long as you are less than 32 kg over the limit. For flights between continents, you will need to pay an extra 10 Euros for every kilo over 32 kg. For flights between continents in Europe, 75 Euros is the maximum that can be charged per suitcase.

If you notify the authorities beforehand, they will discount your extra weight and allow you to purchase more than would normally be permitted.


Can you take any instruments or equipment along with you?

You will have to notify the authorities you are bringing your extra equipment into the departure terminal, such as a stroller or wheelchair. If you require an additional seat for them, please make payment before traveling.

What is Aer Lingus’s excess baggage Fee?

If you are within Europe, EU can be pricey as you will likely be paying by weight. If you’re flying to America, the extra baggage fees will likely rise from 75 Euros per kilogram.

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