Malaysian Airlines


Malaysian airlines laid their foundations in the 1940s. In the initial stage, the service started with a twin-engine air consul. It has increased its services very rapidly and has been servicing around 6 continents. Malaysian Airlines has achieved many awards.

The main goals of Malaysian airlines are as follows:

  • Maintaining security
  • Special attention to each and every customer.
  • On-time departures and arrivals of flights.
  • Sophisticated and latest facilities inside the flights.
  • Hygienic food
  • Emergency medical care by experts.

Malaysian airlines have added the advantage of having a spatial baggage room, which is capable of carrying up to 300,000 tonnes of baggage. Other airlines try to follow the changes that are often made by Malaysian airlines in order to attain the best standard.

The airways authorities are very keen to find out all the latest technologies so that they can be equipped for the flights. All this process yields to achieve the customer’s goodwill. The Airlines always try hard to give their services at the best affordable price by maintaining the best quality.

Generally, the price of flight tickets can be broadly classified in two ways. They are:

  • Wholesale
  • Retail

Out of these two, wholesale prices are cheaper than retail prices by nearly 50%. The airways are selling flight tickets at wholesale prices to its customers. The airways services are available throughout the week at all convenient timings. According to a survey it is found that around 40% of its passengers are traveling to and fro by the same Malaysian Airlines. The main attractive feature that is incorporated by the airlines is that the passengers are also given discounts on the ticket fares. All these facts are evidence that the services provided by the airways are the best

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