7 Tips To Identify Your Luggage – Dont Lose your Luggage

Picking up the wrong luggage at the airport can lead to a stressful time. Unfortunately, this is often a common occurrence.

Our top 7 tips will help you make your suitcase stand out so that you won’t get lost in the crowd. You’ll be welcomed as a true long-distance traveler.

1. Choose colourful luggage. 

By far the two most popular luggage colours are black and red, avoid these colours and you can reduce the number of other suitcases on the carousel that look like yours. Patterns, prints and pictures can be found on the wide variety of luggage available these days. You can even buy personalized luggage with your own picture transferred onto it ( Ugo Ba).

Tie your luggage with a strap or bungee cord for quick and easy travel.

Luggage straps are strips of tough fabric that can be attached and removed without having to unzip the front or back of your bag. Luggage straps add extra security to your suitcase if damage occurs, but you typically only need one set of straps per bag. They also come in different colors so it’s easier to identify your luggage against other people’s bags at the airport.

To tie a ribbon around the handle, first place it in one hand and hold the scissors against the handle with your other.

One of the most common ways to identify your luggage is by tying a piece or pieces of ribbon around one or both of the suitcase handles. It’s a cheap method and can work very well if you have several different colours that go with each other to make a unique sequence of colours.

Duct tape is 4.Our duct tapes are made for all sorts of uses, so you can be sure you can always find what you need on the go.

Duct tape can be used for thousands of purposes in many different situations. You might be surprised at which uses you might find after checking them out online.

If you want to decorate your suitcase, paint the outside of it or the inside.

If you have an artistic flair, your suitcase might be a good spot to display your skills. These items are easier to create because they are limited in supply and can be passed on for more than one generation.

Put a bumper sticker on your luggage so people don’t steal it and you can collect the restitution.

Travel stickers, like bumper stickers, are a great way to personalize your luggage. You might decide an inspirational one or one you find funny is right for you. Upload a photo of your favorite design at Cafe Press and use it on something that you take with you while traveling.

Use an old scarf or bandanna, either as a teaching tool or to cover your dog’s eyes in case he is still mouthing at the scruff time. Make sure you and your pup both have enough of it, or you might run into a problem.

You may have an old scarf or bandanna that’s had its life stretched through wear and tear, but it can be reused as a handle on your suitcase/bag. You can either use the whole thing, or cut it down to size, and then tie it around the handle of your carry-on bag when you’re not using it.

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